All from my college years/internships. Right now it seems like it was so long ago, but in reality it was this past December.


Houses of the Oireachtas


Water Torture Exemptions with Clippings

Water Charges Press Release & Clipping


Blogging 101_ What Should I Call Me

Ohio University ImPRessions Inside a Nonprofit Campaign

Ohio University ImPRessions Moving Mountains: Making Interning Abroad a Reality 

For all the Incoming Scripps Kids

Sinala Noir Public Relations

Communication Blunders

Instagram and Vine are the new Facebook

Social Media Trends 2013


Ohio Health Plan Association releases new “Get Your Well On” campaign

Consumer Profile: Media Habits of College Student Smokers

Ohio Marketing Students Infographic


Intern Queen

6-Month Social Media Audit

Competitive Analysis

Ogilvy & Mather

Final Intern Presentation


Capstone Presentation/Strategy Pitch

Social Media


Portfolio Social Media ImPRessions

Made with Adobe InDesign


PDF Version: Social Media ImPRessions

Design Work

Sinala Noir Public Relations

Samantha Eng

Made with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop

Intern Queen

Made with canva.com

Made with canva.com


ImPRessions Twitter Chat

Made with Adobe InDesign


Diet Coke ad

Made with Adobe Photoshop

Chicago Mag

Made with Adobe Photoshop


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