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Hey readers, I was cleaning out my files on my laptop of all the old college assignments I don’t need, and found this manifesto I wrote this past semester. I think it sums up High Heels, High Hopes pretty well.

If I could describe myself by an object, I’d be a metallic cap-toed high heel. In many other words, I’m the classic piece with a bit of modern flare.

I don’t give up easily, and am hard to break. With every click-clack on the marble floors, I make my mark on the world. I can be stereotyped as dramatic or high-maintenance to many, but am optimistic, hard working and passionate.

Challenges don’t scare me away – they entice me. Even after a long day, worn down and tired I’m ready for what adventures will happen tomorrow. I’m not your typical high-heel, but a shoe that’s traveled the world, experienced much and still yearns to learn more.

In a nutshell, I’m more than a high-heeled stereotype of glitz and glam – I’m a passion that strives to be successful even if it takes a long walk to get there.

x Kelly


Procrastination at its finest

photo 5“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” -Abraham Lincoln

I am dedicating this post to procrastination. I haven’t blogged in over a week because I procrastinated. I thought about all of these great posts and what I was going to write and then I just said “I’ll do it later.” I also started this post at 11 a.m. this morning, it is now 11:30 p.m. Blogging is NOT and I repeat NOT always a full time job, but it is a part-time one. Since being home I have found the inspiration to write but I haven’t had my laptop nearby, so I forget everything I thought of. Now I am getting to the point where I need to sit down in Starbucks and write. For some odd reason I always find inspiration at Starbucks (no I’m not a hipster). So I bet you’re wondering how can you get rid of procrastination? Well you can never really get rid of it but you can fight it, here’s how:

#1: Sit yourself down and write. Do not get up from that spot until you have what you want. Even if the blog post is terrible the first time, it doesn’t matter. It will come to you and you can always edit (you should always edit). If you need an inspiring place to sit, check out Starbucks. Maybe it’s the aroma of coffee but it works for me.

#2: Pick the right time of day to blog. I find the best time for me is late at night. Like many writers/bloggers I know, nighttime is when all of the words just come together. Maybe it’s the self-relfection on your day or you are a night owl like myself. In the end, everything sounds better after a long day.

#3: Don’t give up. If the words aren’t coming to you just wait and look around. If you are in a coffee shop or sitting outside while typing, look at your surroundings and maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for. Blogging is a part-time job technically but finding the inspiration for it is most definitely the 24/7, all day/all night ordeal.

#4 Procrastinate. You heard me. If you are going to find what you are looking for, mess around. Get up, go outside, watch TV, read a book, anything! Do something that takes your mind off of the blog and when you eventually sit back down the words will come right to you. Like me right now.

I hope these tips were all helpful. If you ever get in a blogging rut like this high-heeled girl was for the past week or so, don’t fret. It’ll end… eventually.


Blogging isn’t just for the Complainers

If you haven’t seen my blog before, welcome! I am a college student and I have this blog. Some people think blogs are for complainers or extremely nerdy people who blog about video games. Wrong! Blogging can seriously help your writing skills and allow you to grow as a professional.

This blog is my third… ya… I would never keep up with any of my old blogs so I eventually just deleted them because they just sat there on the internet with one post. Blogging has taught me responsibility and motivation, because I have to keep up and posting or what’s the point in having one? Blogging can also help you network. Some of my followers are people in PR, studying PR or in other professionals in sectors that interest me i.e. fashion. Now this post is for the Scripps Summer Challenge (#ScrippsSummerChallenge on twitter) for my PRSSA chapter and I already tweeted I had a blog but had to be responsible and finish the challenge.

So if you have an interest in a career such as PR, journalism, fashion, sports, anything! You should blog. Remember it is not your online personal diary… I block those blogs. Yes there are people with video game blogs, but how else are you supposed to know how defeat the boss challenge? Blogs can teach you much more than you think. If you follow professionals, they usually give advice. You can find tips/tricks on anything, DIY challenges if you are crafty.Basically blogging can help you grow as a person, a professional and a writer. If you are bad at writing, well here’s your chance to become good at it.

P.S. Wearing heels out for my last hurrah in Dublin, yes I know there are cobblestones but if I fall I’ll at least look good!