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Celebrating 1 Year


Today marks my 1 year anniversary at my work… AKA I’ve been a college graduate for over a year now. I’m pretty sure that officially makes me an adult (scary), and looking back on this year I realize I’ve had it pretty good. I have plenty of bumps in the road but overall I have a great job, adorable studio and a pretty good sense of who I am. Overall, I’d say after everything that happened in 2015, today is definitely a day for celebration… and to that point, I thought I’d share 15 things I learned this past year… so here it goes.

Things I’ve Learned During My First Year as an “Adult”

  1. Being happy matters.
  2. Beware of apartments that are like a faux Prada bag.
  3. Keep doing you.
  4. Take care of yourself.
  5. Be reliable to your team, friends and family.
  6. Go grocery shopping at least once a week.
  7. Don’t worry about finding “the one”
  8. Learn how to make a cocktail (with the good alcohol)
  9. Have a savings account
  10. Invest in your 401k
  11. Find a doctor/dentist in your city and schedule your own doctor/dentist appointments
  12. Remember that Uber is the silent budget killer
  13. Take yourself out for a good meal every once in awhile
  14. Know how to use excel properly
  15. You don’t have to have a  plan, just an idea

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – Allen Saunders

While all of these lessons are valuable, number 15 is probably the biggest lesson I had to learn this year. I’ve always had a plan. I planned out every single class, time abroad and internship my freshman year of college. Everything I planned out happened, and I accomplished everything I had hoped to in college. However, I now know you don’t have to have a plan.

I do know I want to work abroad in a year or two, and maybe eventually start my own business. However, unlike the past I have no deadline. To celebrate my 1 year anniversary, I’m going to cheers to not having a plan anymore. As I’ve said many times in this blog post, life’s too short and I’m 22. It’s time to just roll with it and keep doing what I’m doing, then see where it takes me.

x Kelly


What to do When there’s NOTHING to Do

woman bored at workHey readers, it’s been awhile. I have been adjusting to life in the city and working at Ogilvy. Now some days have been completely crazy, and other days there’s nothing for me to do. With it almost being the 4th of July, and most people out this week, it’s been pretty mellow. Monday got busy, then Tuesday was during the middle of the day and today I have nothing until after lunch. If you’re situation is similar to mine, here’s what productive things you can do in your spare time:

  • Label emails. Now this one seems kind of too OCD and a waste of time. However, if you are working at an agency and are on multiple accounts like moi, it helps you to find old emails easier. I have five main labels and then sub labels for certain accounts. It may seem tedious and way too much, but you’ll thank me because when you need to find an email your boss can’t it’ll take two seconds.
  • Work on your summer project. Most companies and agencies, especially large ones, give their interns a summer project to work on. If you have tons of free time, work on that project and get all of it done. I say this because if you don’t do it in your free time and eventually have no time, you’ll be working on it after hours (and no one wants to do that when it’s intern happy hour). So don’t waste your free time!
  • Read industry news. I am always on Mashable, PR Daily, Fast Company, Fashionista.com, etc. It keeps me informed on what is going on in my industry and gives me something to talk about with coworkers. It’s not the most productive thing to do with your free time, but it’s better than just looking at Facebook all day.
  • Ask if anyone on your team needs anything. If you work at an agency, you can’t just walk around the office and be like, “hey, anyone need help with anything?” Your boss will wonder what the heck you are doing, and you can’t just do work for other accounts – that’s just not how it works. You can ask anyone on your account if they need anything, like copies or a small task, but if they have nothing it is okay. Your boss cannot punish you because there’s nothing for you to do, that’s not how it works.
  • Blog. If you have nothing to do – no side project, intern project, actual work, etc. then it’s okay to spend your time doing something like blogging. I am a very productive person, and always ask if there’s anything I can help with, but sometimes there is literally nothing. That’s okay. So after all of my emails are labeled, I’ve read industry news articles and asked if anyone needs anything, I’ll do something like write a blog post. It’s not like I am checked out, because my eyes are fully glued to my email and schedule, but these low-times at work happen. It’s just how it is.

In an agency setting, you will either be crazy busy or have absolutely nothing to do. That’s just the way the business is, especially for newcomers. Don’t get upset or feel like you’re useless, just do the jobs you are given and try to be productive as possible during the times you don’t have anything to do at the moment. Are the status reports updated? Is everything running smoothly? Did you get your cup of coffee yet? Ask yourself these questions, and if all else fails, just go with it.


First Week and Moving

It’s Monday, I’m sitting at work on a break so I felt like writing. The first week of my internship went well. We had orientation, a city-wide scavenger hunt and then we met who we’d be working with. It’s been a little slow for me, but it is only the beginning. Overall I’m happy, just waiting for when the real work will begin. Some internships start off slow, but don’t fret! Before you know it, there will be so much for you to do you’ll wonder how to fit it into 40 hours/week. It’s all about having a positive attitude, which is very important when it comes to internships.

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 21st birthday, moved downtown and took a stroll in my new neighborhood. The Gold Coast kind of reminds me of the Upper East Side in NYC. It’s peaceful, has many families and the buildings are beautiful. Not to mention, any huge designer is located in the Gold Coast. I saw the Ted Baker store and almost freaked out (I didn’t know they existed, at least in Chicago). Also apparently Chicago has a Barney’s, who would’ve thought? Anyways, I am in a great location, got cheap rent and the only downside is that I don’t have a/c until I get a window unit. It’s supposed to be in the mid-eighties this week so we’ll see how I fare.

Chicago is a great city to live in. There’s tons to do for little-to-no money and the people are friendly. I loved NYC when I visited this past semester, but it’s very dirty and the people aren’t always friendly. However, it’s NYC. You can’t hate NYC, it’s like hating chocolate. The one city I still want to live in, even if for a short amount of time, is London. I’ve heard great things, and it’s London.

Anyways, the first week went well. I love my little studio, work is going well and will most likely get better in the future and I’m 21 – so no complaints here.

How is your summer and internship (if you have one) going?