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For Everyone Who is Graduating, This One is for You

opportunities aheadI keep seeing blogs from friends about what they’d teach themselves as freshman, the highlights of their college career, or what they’ll miss about college. First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate the class of 2015. It’s amazing how fast time flies, especially in the best years of your life at college. However, this post isn’t about what I wish I would’ve known or what I miss, but for all of my friends on what awesomeness is about to come.

I know most people have read posts on how awful post-grad life is, but there are many pros to being out of college. So for all of you graduating, this one’s for you.


1. Graduation is the scariest part. Yes, you may not have a job or a plan yet. However, walking across that stage at graduation is the scariest part of entering the “post-grad” life. Even if you don’t know what’s next, you’ll find it out sooner rather than later… and by later I mean before school loans kick in.

2. Grocery shopping is cheaper. When you actually have time to cook and go to the grocery store, it’s a lot cheaper than when it was in college. I’ve cut my grocery bill in half pretty much, and while I don’t always want to cook after a long day at work it feels good to cook a meal for myself, that’s not mac n’ cheese.

3. Bills are manageable if you do the math right. I was a journalism major, and I hate to let a stereotype define me in that way but I have never been good at budgeting or math. However, with an actual salary and figuring out what I could afford, bills are manageable. As long as you split up your rent payment with one paycheck and the majority of bills with another in a month, you’ll manage easily!

4. Find a good apartment. There are always good deals when trying to find an apartment, you just have to look hard enough. Do your research and do it thoroughly. While you may want the expensive neighborhood right downtown, it may not be the smartest choice. Always look for places just re-done, because if it’s an old building but brand new inside, you’re likely to find a deal because they want to fill it.

5. Always think of what a great time you had in college, and how to do that post-college. The fun doesn’t end when college ends. The one beauty of post-grad life is that why you may not be making a lot, but you still have more than you did in college. Think about it, you have an apartment you pay for, a job, an understanding of which cheap wine tastes really good, and an adventure that’s ready to begin.

5 things, not 5 things that sum up post-grad life but 5 things you know you can look forward to. Yes, there are bills and responsibilities. However, for the first time you call the shots entirely and can decide wherever you want to go. Even if it isn’t what everyone else is doing, it’d be what you feel like you should be doing. As long as you get past walking across that stage, everything will be ok… I promise.

x Kelly


The Next Five Weeks

two roadsHey Readers, I realize it’s been awhile. This semester has been a lot crazier than I expected. I’m graduating in five weeks, and it’s crazy. While I’ve been doing great in my classes, moving along with my ImPRessions work and progressing at my internship, I couldn’t help but write tonight. Because tonight, I spent four hours applying to jobs.

Preparing for the real world is scary, I will be the first one to say so. I’m nervous about what’s going to happen or not happen next, but luckily my time at Ohio University has prepared me for this moment. All I can say is thank you to my friends, my family, my past internship supervisors and my professors – you all have helped me achieve everything I wanted to in college.

You see, freshman year I planned my entire college career. I said the summer between freshman and sophomore year I would just work, the next year I would partake in the global leadership certificate program, take 19 credit hours a semester then go to Vietnam and intern abroad all in one summer. The next year I would continue taking 19 hours a semester, finish my certificate and my specialization in german, have a paid internship that summer and my senior year I would only take 12 credit hours my last semester. I’ve achieved all of these amazing things, and I am so grateful. So while I was reflecting upon this while writing cover letter after cover letter, I knew I needed to plan what’s next.

What is next?

In the next five weeks I will:

  • Find a subleaser
  • Hand off the reigns to the next director of communications at ImPRessions
  • Continue to apply for jobs and hopefully something clicks
  • Plan to move
  • Visit my family during Thanksgiving
  • Continue to do well in my classes
  • Finish up my internship
  • Prepare for the big move. I thought college was the big move, but this is even bigger.

I don’t know where I will be in five weeks, but all I know is that I’ve already accomplished a lot. And for the first time in my life that’s perfectly fine with me.

“When we are sure that we are on the right road there is no need to plan our journey too far ahead. No need to burden ourselves with doubts and fears as to the obstacles that may bar our progress. We cannot take more than one step at a time.”
– Orison Swett Marden 

I’d like to dedicate this post to my friends, family and fellow Scripps PRSSA and ImPRessions members. You’ve all helped me make this possible.

My Balance Pyramid

I was recently looking through one of my favorite blog sites, NYC PR Girls, and I saw a post that really inspired me. It was about a PR Girl’s Balance Pyramid. So I thought to myself, why not create my own? It is somewhat similar to the one on NYC PR Girls, but different because I factored in School and ImPRessions.

my balance pyramid

Family and Friends. This group of people are my support group. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my family and friends. I talk to my mom at least once a day, I also secretly think I annoy my roommate, because I bug her all the time to chat. I believe that at the end of the day, even if I lost everything, I would still have my family and friends right there with me.
School. Being in college, I feel like many people don’t have this high on their pyramid. You came to college to get a degree, so why wouldn’t you take the time to study? I’m paying for my school and will be making those student loan payments once I graduate, but I also came to Ohio University to study journalism and hopefully get a job out of it one day. (Side note: when making this pyramid I almost put ImPRessions second, however I could hear my mother’s voice in my head saying school comes first, which it always should.)
ImPRessions. I can say I have learned more from ImPRessions and PRSSA, than any class I have ever taken. I work with some amazing, brilliant people, who will one day be kicking butt in the PR world. Scripps is a school that creates journalists who are amazing at what they do. Working with students involved in ImPRessions and PRSSA has taught me what can’t be learned in a classroom, and I have met some pretty cool bobcats from it.
Health. This category includes “me time”, staying active and making sure I’m doing what I need to, to stay healthy. In order to be productive and do a great job, I need “me time” at least once a day. When I’m very busy, those quiet moments when I put in my headphones allow me to forget for a second what I have going on. I also am very concerned about staying active and getting sleep. I hate being sick. I feel weak, unorganized and overall a hot mess. If I keep myself in check and make sure I eat right, workout a little and spend some few minutes alone every day, I’m able to accomplish anything I put my mind to.
Love Life. This section is something I am not really concerned about. I’m only 20, I have plenty of time to find “the one.” Until then, I’m here to work hard and have a good time. If there is a guy in my life, at the moment it just makes me add one more thing to my to do list, “make time to hang out with ___”. I’d rather have a good time and live life when I have the time, other than worry about how I’m single. It’s college, not your 30s.
Misc. These are the little things that make me smile or make my day. I love music. If it was acceptable to listen to music all day long, I definitely would. I also like reading funny Buzzfeed articles and drinking my one-a-day Diet Coke. It’s these little things that just make me realize everything is always going to be okay. The world is not ending and there is not a zombie apocalypse. We aren’t on a trashy reality TV show (although I love Vanderpump Rules), where our lives always suck and are filled with drama. We are normal human beings who are just living our lives… and that is perfectly okay with me.

So this is my pyramid. It was fun to analyze my life and make it, so I challenge all of you reading to try and make your own balance pyramid. How do you balance school, work and a social life? Let me know in the comments.

Third post this week! Woo!


When things get busy

photo 3Hey readers! I did it again and trailed off and forgot to blog… It’s been very hectic. I have classes, meetings, sorority recruitment and I’m ready for bed right now. Luckily tomorrow I don’t have class till 1:30 but I’m still going to bed before midnight. If I don’t I may regret it later.

I usually deal with a hectic, busy schedule. I love it because I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m bored. Sure, Saturdays and Sundays are for relaxation, that’s fine. During the week I can’t just sit there and do nothing. If I do nothing I’ll most likely fall asleep. Funny thing is though my roommate Elisabeth pointed something very interesting out to me yesterday: even though we are always go–go–go we still enjoy sleeping in. Some workaholics wake up at 7:30 a.m. naturally. I can easily sleep till noon. That being said, I am not a morning person. Never have, never will be and coffee is my best friend. Well coffee or a diet coke (which tastes so good in the morning!).

My best advice for if you are starting to live the life of an overachieving college student:

1. Get some rest: It’s still important for you to function naturally. After awhile you could become immune to the effects of caffeine. Do you want to drink six cups a day? I think not.

2. Hydrate: Water is your friend. It is good for you and will help you keep going throughout the day. Coffee and other caffeine products will dehydrate you so please hydrate and grab some water on your way out for the day.

3. Manage your time: Everyone manages their time differently. I like to write everything out into a planner so I remember. I also keep a digital copy. Just remember to leave a little 30 minute break in there every now and then.

If you follow these three tips you will survive the life of an overachiever. Trust me, you do not want to overdo it. I almost passed out during my sorority’s recruitment this past weekend. It was NOT GOOD. So if you don’t do what I did and get some rest you’ll be able to function as you normally would.