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Post-Abroad Adventure Rut

IMG_0649I left Ireland over a month ago… it’s strange to think I was in an amazing city working in their parliament for two months, then I just packed up my bags and headed home. I’m in a rut. I miss Dublin. I miss the city. I miss the excitement of all the people. I miss walking on streets that are older than anyone I know. I just miss it.

I didn’t travel as much as I thought I would. I didn’t feel like traveling alone to other places. See that’s the thing, when you do the independent program, it is TRULY independent. I am thankful for that. I learned so much more about myself than I could’ve imagined. I now know I love visiting Europe, but I hate touristy things. I walked by the Trinity Library, looked at the line, and continued walking. When I lived in Germany I saw many, many amazing Cathedrals, Castles, parks, etc. but now I just like to sit and watch. I find the best thing you can do in a foreign country is find a cafe, sit there and watch. Watch the people go by about their daily lives. I find it’s more interesting than the Mona Lisa any day, which by the way is super tiny. It was a total let down.

If anyone of you readers is in the post-abroad adventure rut, I feel your pain. Athens is a cool place. I don’t agree it is the most amazing place on earth like many people I know. I think I am getting to the point where I am ready to move on and graduate. Scary as that sounds I’m ready for another adventure. I have a year and a half left to make my mark on Athens. I’ll do it. Then I’ll move on. But for now I’m going to get some sleep. I suggest the same if you’re reading this right now and are feeling the same way. Otherwise, pick up a book or a journal, laptop, anything. Let it all out and get excited for what lies ahead. You’ve traveled around the globe, so who knows what amazing adventures are in store for you! I have a feeling, mine will be pretty fantastic.


P.S. I need to learn how to discipline myself better with these posts… I think I’m going to have to schedule them. “Write blog post 30 minutes before sleep.”

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter–tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…. And one fine morning– So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Great Gatsby

I’m still only 20

Sorry for this post being so late! Unfortunately I didn’t get the freelance gig. The owner really appreciated my willingness to take on the challenge and loved some of my ideas. However, because the business is still getting it’s feet off the ground, he didn’t think it was right to hire me to do work he couldn’t compensate for. I am perfectly okay with that fact. I tried. I put effort into it and it didn’t work out. In truth, I only do have another 5 days here, crazy right? Although I do have to keep reminding myself, I’m still only 20.

I’ve had ideas going through my head about what I want to do in the future. Own my own agency, publicist, work in fashion, it’s kind of all over the place. I always have to have a plan and I have one but what I’ve learned from my time here is that plans aren’t always meant to go as followed. I have a year and a half to figure things out. I don’t know what’s in store for me regarding my career. I know I have passion for what I do. I may not have a clear idea but I think it’s better that way. This summer was a plan. It didn’t go exactly how it was supposed to but I learned from it. I learned my strengths, my weaknesses, who I am as a person. To me that’s better than continuing on a plan not knowing who you are and what you are passionate about.

I go to a school where everyone I work with has passion for this career. Everyone is good at what they are doing. We all exceed the expectations of normal 20-year old college students but sometimes we forget what we need to do in order to figure out our lives. I spent the summer in Dublin, interning in Politics. I don’t like politics. I don’t like not having my support system near by, but I’ve learned so much. I never imagined learning everything I have in these 8 weeks. I thought I was going to go to Dublin and have the most amazing time. I’ll admit it, I didn’t have the best time. I have had a great internship, but now I know Dublin is not the city for me. I know I will make something out of myself one day but this summer isn’t it. I still have time. So I want all of you readers going through the exact same thing as me to remember this: if you continue to go about your life as planned, you aren’t living it to its full extent.

This post was really heavy. I do think a lot can be learned from time alone. My mentor recently told me, you can’t work on yourself if you don’t spend time by yourself. She was right. 


2 Weeks left and I’m going for the Home Stretch

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks already since I arrived in Dublin. Where has the summer gone? This weather right now is amazing though. I love the warmth and sunshine! I was able to get off of work by 5 and now I am sitting in a coffee shop with a latte. I have two weeks left to make my mark on Irish parliament. It seems a bit daunting because that means I have two weeks to finish all of this work.

What’s left for me to do is write all of my PR recommendations from social media to press releases, newsletters, you name it. I also have to get the newsletter to the printers this week because parliament will soon be on their summer recess.

Looking back at my summer, I have done a lot of busy work but at the same time I’ve been able to fully observe my boss’s PR strategies. All of this work would not get done if I hadn’t been here. Which makes me worry because I hope his next intern isn’t just another political science major. I’ve put in six weeks of hard work and I want to make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

I will be leaving the next (hopefully PR) intern a detailed letter explaining everything. It’ll also include his PR plan/recommendations. This next intern may hate me a little but at least half of the work is done, they just have to keep it up.  Now, this post is not just about me being excited to be done because I cannot wait to lay by the pool for a few days doing absolutely nothing! I haven’t stopped since I finished finals and I am in need of a nice vacation. This post is more so about finishing your internship strong. You’ve been at it for x-number of weeks and you want to make sure you don’t just slack off your last couple weeks like you do at the end of the semester (I know you chose to go out instead of writing that last paper, because I’ve done it too #procrastination).

You may feel stressed at this point. You may feel like you are on top of the world because you are almost done. Or you may feel like me where it’s do or die; the work needs to be done now or it’ll never be done. If you feel stressed, take a breather. If you feel like you are on top of the world and am doing a great job, continue with being an awesome intern. Go for the home stretch! And if you feel like me, take everything bit by bit. Get the immediate work done efficiently and correctly, then work on your large projects in the afternoons. I find my downtime is normally when it gets closer to when I’d be done for the day and even though I am ready to go, I just push myself to do it. I left 30 minutes early today but I’m finishing this post then working on my final recommendations.

It’s your last few weeks. I’m going for the home stretch are you?


P.S. Wore my lucky nude heels today and once I put them on at work they made everything better. Whoever said shoes are just things you put on your feet is incredibly wrong. If you have a stressful day at work like me, wearing your favorite shirt, or in this case shoes, can brighten up your day and make you feel much better.

When in Dublin, do as the ‘Dubliners’ do

IMG_0554I have exactly one month left as of yesterday and I would be posting all of these great pictures of Dublin but sorry Readers, I don’t have any… When you work and live in a foreign place, you get settled and do what everyone else does who inhabits the area: go on about your day as normal.

I’ve done this living abroad thing before. I lived in Düsseldorf, Germany and I saw so many amazing places around Germany because they were so close but nothing actually in Düsseldorf. I went shopping on the Köingsgallee and ate at fabulous restaurants in the Alt Stadt but didn’t care for the tourist sites. I simply lived my life as anyone fromDüsseldorf would.

Now I’m guessing you are thinking I’m a little crazy. I’m in an amazing city, that is world renowned for its ‘things to see’ but when you see the lines of coach busses full of tourists slowing down traffic in the morning you just pus


h through the crowd and go to work. I have acclimated to life in Dublin pretty well. I know where to eat and drink within the city (on the side of Trinity College that isn’t Grafton Street), how to figure out which bus gets me home and my internship responsibilities.

I still would like to see the Trinity Library and maybe a few museums but the honeymoon phase is over, so point me to the cutest little coffee shop where I can write. I am more enthralled with the beautiful buildings around me and the stories these old streets hold. Leinster House, where I get to walk in every day to pick up the post, was once owned by the Duke of Leinster who tried to petition the King so Irish taxes stayed in Ireland. He also had too many children to count. This may be the history nerd in me but I’d rather roam these winding streets and take in the Dublin air than push through tourists too see the ‘things to see.’ I have seen those things… that’s what Dublin should use for it’s PR campaign. It isn’t about going to every museum and park that Dublin has to offer, but walking through the streets and doing what the ‘Dubliners’ do… live life.

It’s midnight here and I have work in the morning. I always tend to be best at collecting my thoughts when I need to go to bed but when the pen calls you to the paper, it’s best to pick it up and start writing.

This girl’s feet are destroyed by the heels that she’s been wearing through the streets of Dublin. Darting after buses in heels isn’t always wise, but at least it was worth the while.


Press Releases: A Work of Art

mona lisaWhen on LinkedIn you put press releases as a skill, when in reality it should be a work of art that is displayed. I have written many in my few years at OU and it truly is an artwork. Now I could make this into a press release “how to” but instead I’m going to just say a few things that are key when writing a press release.

The 5 W’s: All journalists should know what this means. Who, what, when, where, and why? In the first few words of your press release you should have most if not all of these covered.

Keep it concise: Do you know how many press releases reporters/editors get on a daily basis? I don’t know either but I have a feeling it’s almost unimaginable and reporters/editors don’t want to read a press release that is longer than it should be. Remember they are going to write the story, not you. Word to the wise: just give the basics and let them do the rest of the work (It has worked so far at my internship).

Fresh and new is better than conventional: I am a firm believer in this notion. Your language shouldn’t be boring, blah and conventional. The language in the press release should be fresh. If I was a reporter and had to read the, “I’m the same thing every time press release” every single day, I’d probably throw your press releases in the rubbish bin. The format should be conventional but as long as you get the information across in a concise manner and is received well; you did a good job.

Always edit at least 3 times: Editing is KEY. If there is a mistake… rubbish bin. If you are in journalism or public relations you should know how to edit and understand you have to do it over and over again. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can be costly. If you hate grammar like I do, just use your AP Style Book… which you better have in your desk drawer.

These are just a few things I recommend. Is it everything that I could have said, no. I do believe press releases are a work of art because the first one I wrote was similar to a 5-year old’s stick figure drawing. Practice makes perfect, so if you want to write the Mona Lisa of press releases, remember these tips and practice.

P.S. Going to Northern Ireland this weekend, should I pack my heels? I just might…

P.P.S. I took the picture of the mona lisa when I was fourteen, needless to say it was difficult and I had to crawl under people.



Photos of my travels

I would do each photo individually but that would take forever! Temple Bar, great music! St. Patrick’s Cathedral Benjamin Guinness statue outside the cathedral. Just a leisurely stroll in St. Stephen’s Green. Guinness Storehouse Those are some of my pictures, … Continue reading

From Castles to Cathedrals and a pint of Guinness

Hey Readers! My weekend has been filled with walking, sightseeing and more walking. My feet are thoroughly sore but I did see some very cool things this weekend. We started off at Dublin Castle, but news alert! It’s closed until July. I was a little bit disappointed but I will be coming back in July because I love castles! Ever since I saw Cinderella’s castle I was hooked! I don’t think I’ll ever end up living in one but a girl can dream, right?

After snapping a few shots of the exterior of the gate and castle, we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Not to ruin it for anyone else but it was a bit of a let down, cathedral-wise. I have seen many and I mean MANY cathedrals throughout all of my travels but it wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it would be. The outside is gorgeous and the information you learn about St. Patrick is very cool, but it was a pretty average cathedral. (Maybe I’m just cathedral-ed out)

We headed over to the Guinness storehouse after seeing St. Patrick’s Cathedral only to find after many blocks walked, it closes at 5 p.m. Luckily for us it is open daily so we went today instead. If you ever visit Dublin this is a MUST SEE. If you are a student it is only 13 Euro and worth every penny. It is a very cool museum because you get to learn the history of Guinness, how it’s made and drink Guinness. What’s better than touring a museum with a Guinness in your hand? Alright, so you had to find out how it was made first but you have the opportunity to learn how to draft the perfect pint of Guinness at their Guinness Academy and do it yourself. A pint is complimentary and on the way you get a half of a half pint as a taste tester.

One part of the museum I want to highlight is their advertising section of the museum. It goes through the different forms of advertising that was used for the product and my favorite slogan I saw was “My Goodness, My Guinness!” I almost got the poster with that slogan but I didn’t like the poster itself, just the slogan. A fun fact, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease. That’s a long time! Will humans even be here still? I hope so, but Arthur Guinness wasn’t only a great beer guy, but an advertising genius! Think about it, who else can say that their storehouse has a 9,000-year lease? If this storehouse is supposed to house this beer company for 9,000 years, it has to be good beer right? Right! He probably was only thinking in terms of business when he did this but in my opinion this is one of the most profound and ingenious advertising stunts this world has ever seen. Watch out world, even if humans aren’t here in 9,000 years, Guinness will be. (I highly suggest looking up Guinness’ past advertising materials; they are very cool and interesting, especially if you are a PR or advertising student/professional).

Well readers, this girl’s heels were not used in all of this walking but will be worn for my birthday next weekend! My hopes are high and I think that after seeing parts of Dublin this weekend, they will only get higher and higher because of this amazing city.