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#Esurancesaves30 and gains 1 billion Impressions

So if you watched the Superbowl this past Sunday, you should already kinda know what I’m about to talk about. If you didn’t watch the Superbowl, like me, but saw the hashtag #Esurancesaves30 all over Twitter then you may be either really confused or know what’s up. The background on this trending hashtag is that Esurance was the first commercial AFTER the Superbowl had ended. Why is the “after” in all caps and bolded? Well, because Esurance aired their commercial AFTER the Superbowl had aired, they saved 30 percent or $1.5 million.


How is all of this relevant to Twitter you ask? Well if you used the hashtag #Esurancesaves30 before 1 a.m. PST today, then you have been entered into their sweepstakes giveaway of $1.5 million. I have no idea how long it’ll take them to figure out the winner, because there are hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of entries. You were able to enter as many entries as you wanted until that deadline. I really hope I win, but unless the Luck of the Irish is on my side… it is doubtful. #Sadface.

Why Twitter you ask? Well according to what I have read on the contest, it was easy and many people use it. It’s as simple as that. The winner will be announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night, so this is also all tied together because millions of people will be tuning in. I probably will, just in the very, very slim chance I win. It’s $1.5 million that could pay off my school loans, pay for my parents retirement, I could travel. The possibilities are endless with $1.5 million. I hope the winner spends it well and shares it with those who are less fortunate.

What is really impressive is that the campaign has received 1 billion impressions. Not 1 million, 1 billion. That is one effective and clever PR campaign. Props to the person who came up with it, they should receive $1.5 million for their hard brain work. According to Mashable, Esurance has gained 90,000+ more Twitter followers and there were 200,000 entries within the first minute. Although, the commercial has only received 316,110 views on YouTube. You can’t win them all right?

Well readers, I hope you entered the contest. If you win I hope you share some of your winnings with me, your favorite high-heeled blogger, whose hopes and dreams are much higher than that.

Have a happy Tuesday and keep on the lookout for more blog posts to come later this week!


Twitter Tweet Crimes… Just please don’t do it!


My original idea for this post was social media pet peeves but let’s face it, people will always complain on Facebook. It’s human nature now and it can’t be stopped because that’d be breaking our first amendment rights (#CommunicationLaw #Ethics). So instead of social media pet peeves, I will express what I consider Twitter Tweet Crimes:

1. The Sad Romantic. This person always tweets country music lyrics, sad tweets, I miss you tweets and sudden romantic empowerment tweets “The right person will come one day, just like snow white’s prince #newme.” My best advice: if they are your best friend, advise them not to be this person. Otherwise, unfollow them. #sorrynotsorrythere

2. The Alcoholic: This person constantly tweets about going out, pictures of them at the bar with friends, drinking, dancing on tables, drunk tweets that don’t make sense, etc. This type is widespread throughout college twitter accounts after a peer’s numerous attempt to try to change that with “you won’t get a job with that account” threats. This is true in my opinion and no your account is not totally private. So don’t even try that one. My advice: Just unfollow them. If it’s you committing this Twitter Tweet crime then please think about your future #thinkbeforeyouact.

3. The Retweeter: Do you have your own thoughts? is my only question. My advice: Stop retweeting everything and if it’s someone else unfollow them, or you’ll see all of your tweets on their feed. #morelikerepeater

4. The Complainer: Remember my post about how Blogs aren’t just for complainers? Yes well please rewind, reread and think about that when writing your next tweet. This person will complain about every aspect of their day, especially if they’re busy. Note* not all busy people who say they’re busy on twitter are complaining, but it comes off that way. My advice: Unfollow. If it’s you please remember social media is not your best friend, your mother or your personal diary. Only followers suffer. #StayPositive

I’m sorry if any of these sounded snarky or brash, but I thought I would add a little humor into this post. I have followed, unfollowed and seen all of these types of Twitter Tweet crimes. I have been guilty of one, the complainer about being busy but I didn’t mean to. However, lesson learned. My new hashtag: #StayConfidentStayPositive. Overall, don’t tweet about drinking, doing drugs, your romantic life unless it’s like the Notebook, everyone else’s tweets and how awful your life apparently is. Some people are having terrible days but then you shouldn’t be on twitter about it, that’s what Facebook it for!

I really do think 12 a.m. is my new blog post time. I also have a high heel shoe ceramic figurine on my desk. I painted it when I was 10 and have kept it ever since as inspiration. I have high heels that are too tall to walk in but my hopes in life are much higher than that.

I’ll blog soon!