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For Everyone Who is Graduating, This One is for You

opportunities aheadI keep seeing blogs from friends about what they’d teach themselves as freshman, the highlights of their college career, or what they’ll miss about college. First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate the class of 2015. It’s amazing how fast time flies, especially in the best years of your life at college. However, this post isn’t about what I wish I would’ve known or what I miss, but for all of my friends on what awesomeness is about to come.

I know most people have read posts on how awful post-grad life is, but there are many pros to being out of college. So for all of you graduating, this one’s for you.


1. Graduation is the scariest part. Yes, you may not have a job or a plan yet. However, walking across that stage at graduation is the scariest part of entering the “post-grad” life. Even if you don’t know what’s next, you’ll find it out sooner rather than later… and by later I mean before school loans kick in.

2. Grocery shopping is cheaper. When you actually have time to cook and go to the grocery store, it’s a lot cheaper than when it was in college. I’ve cut my grocery bill in half pretty much, and while I don’t always want to cook after a long day at work it feels good to cook a meal for myself, that’s not mac n’ cheese.

3. Bills are manageable if you do the math right. I was a journalism major, and I hate to let a stereotype define me in that way but I have never been good at budgeting or math. However, with an actual salary and figuring out what I could afford, bills are manageable. As long as you split up your rent payment with one paycheck and the majority of bills with another in a month, you’ll manage easily!

4. Find a good apartment. There are always good deals when trying to find an apartment, you just have to look hard enough. Do your research and do it thoroughly. While you may want the expensive neighborhood right downtown, it may not be the smartest choice. Always look for places just re-done, because if it’s an old building but brand new inside, you’re likely to find a deal because they want to fill it.

5. Always think of what a great time you had in college, and how to do that post-college. The fun doesn’t end when college ends. The one beauty of post-grad life is that why you may not be making a lot, but you still have more than you did in college. Think about it, you have an apartment you pay for, a job, an understanding of which cheap wine tastes really good, and an adventure that’s ready to begin.

5 things, not 5 things that sum up post-grad life but 5 things you know you can look forward to. Yes, there are bills and responsibilities. However, for the first time you call the shots entirely and can decide wherever you want to go. Even if it isn’t what everyone else is doing, it’d be what you feel like you should be doing. As long as you get past walking across that stage, everything will be ok… I promise.

x Kelly


Girl Bosses win, Bitches do not

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Hey readers, happy Tuesday! I hope you had a good day, I had a good day but I was so tired. I felt like I needed 10 cups of coffee to continue, but I pushed through and I’m ready to go back to work again tomorrow. It’s only my second week, but one thing I’ve already realized is that I work with some pretty cool people.

I’ve recently been re-reading Lauren Berger’s new book Welcome to the Real World and one thing that has continued to jump out at me is that even when people are being nasty to you, you should always be nice. News flash to all of the Girl Bosses out there, the bitch never wins. While you can be a Girl Boss who is respected, you can’t be a bitch as well. If you are nasty to people, whether you are an entry-level employee or upper-level exec, you will never move forward. People don’t want to work with someone who argues and is rude to everyone. There’s a difference between being cordial and just doing your job, than being the rude coworker in the office.

While in college I was in a variety of organizations, I could always pull out the people who were fake, the people who didn’t care and the people who were going to be a bitch no matter how nice I was. Where are those people you ask? I have no idea, but all I know is that I was always courteous and polite to them. That’s what matters. Welcome to the Real World has many tips on staying out of office drama, and with that as inspiration I decided to compile some tips on how to be respected by coworkers, while not being a bitch at the same time.


  1. Structure your point. You can be a respected, headstrong employee but if you just bitch and don’t structure your point you won’t get anywhere.
  2. Always do it with a smile. Work is supposed to be serious and takes a lot of energy, but smiling makes you more approachable and coworkers will always wonder how the heck you do it.
  3. Never yell back. If a coworker is yelling at the top of their lungs at you, take a deep… deep… deep breath. Then start off by saying “I completely understand where you are coming from. Might I suggest we take a step back and work to resolve this issue together?” That’s for if the problem isn’t your fault, but if you’re doing your job and staying on top of things it probably isn’t.
  4. Do not gossip. One way to get yourself off the promotion list is by being a person who is constantly gossiping about their coworkers. How can anyone trust you if you’re always talking about them behind their back?
  5. Kill them with kindness. One of the lessons my mom always told me when it came to bullies. Kill those bitches with kindness, because at the end of the day they won’t have anything left to say – you didn’t give them the chance.

Follow these tips, always be open about the way you communicate with people and you’ll avoid the horrible office drama that’ll stunt your growth to the top of the career ladder. Because in the end Girl Bosses win, bitches do not.

x Kelly


Budgets For Budget-Challenged People, Like Me

Hey Readers, happy Sunday! Tomorrow I start week 2 at my new job, and I am super pumped! Next Saturday I’m also moving into my apartment, which I’m also super pumped about, but am wondering how people do this budget thing. Yes, I just called it a budget thing… Over the summer I tried, but to be honest I’m a budget-challenged person. Don’t get me wrong, I try to plan a budget and stick to it. I read websites on how to buy groceries on the cheap, and budgeting things like eating out, alcohol and coffee. The problem is that every site I have read are not helpful for someone who is living in a big city.


I live in Chicago, and while it’s cheaper than New York, rent is still expensive. For a studio in a neighborhood 30-40 minutes away from downtown on the L, I’m spending 700+ on rent. I know for a New Yorker that’s nothing, but unless you want to live far away from everything (which most 20-somethings don’t) you will have fork over a good part of your paycheck to rent. While I am very excited about my little studio apartment, some of the places I looked at were a rip off! One place was $830/ month and the size of my bedroom in my college apartment. It was also a dump and the building smelled, so not worth $830/month!

When you enter the real world, it’s different than college in terms of living. For one, you have an actual salary. You also have:

  • rent payments
  • utilities
  • transportation costs
  • parking bills (if you have a car)
  • groceries that don’t consist of ramen and insta-rice only
  • savings to build
  • credit card bills
  • health insurance
  • school loans… I mean the list just gets bigger and bigger!

So when the websites fail, and your friends/family are no help you just go for it! Right? Wrong, you’ll be pretty tight on cash quickly. Trust me, I’m still learning, but I’m preparing even before my first paycheck comes. If you’re like me and still figuring this budget thing out, check out my tips below on what I’ve learned. It may work well and it may not, but I guess we’ll just have to find out!


The Quick-Guide for Budget-Challenged People

Step 1: Dedicate one paycheck to pay rent. If your rent is due at the first of month, use your last paycheck of the month before to pay rent.

Step 2: Spread out your other bills accordingly. If you pay rent with your last paycheck of the month before, use that for utilities as well – because that electric bill will come a few days after the first of the month. Then pay your school loans, credit cards and savings with your first paycheck of the month. By doing this you won’t be cash poor at one section of the month, but will have minimized stress and budgeted accordingly. Yay!

Step 3: Make savings a bill. My dad (the finance/stock guy) has been giving me tips on savings and stocks. His advice is to put a good amount into my 401k, but also put at least $150 away each month for savings. You should have at least 4 months of emergency savings if you lose your job, but think about it. If you save at least $150/month for a year, you’ll have $1800 in savings! If that seems daunting, try doing this saving trick, and you’ll end up with over $1300 at the end of the year. If paying $150 out of one paycheck, break it up into two payments for the month.

Step 4: Make more trips to the grocery store. I HATE buying groceries to last me for 2 weeks. I always buy too little or too much, or my produce goes bad. I don’t mind going to the grocery store every few days, because I plan out my meals and I end up saving more. My food also doesn’t go bad before I eat it. We are all busy, but if it saves a good amount of money and waste, why not! Also, don’t go to the grocery store hungry.

Step 5: Make a ‘fun budget’. I like to go to happy hour, or a movie every now and then. So I will always put a fun budget in there. It could include renting movies off of iTunes, taking fitness classes or going out for brunch. Make sure you put what you’ll actually spend in there, not what you want to restrict yourself to. You already paid your savings bill, and your other bills/rent, so you should be good to go!

Start Talking

This post is definitely long, but I hate that people don’t talk about how they budget – especially millennials. It’s just money, who cares what you’re making? All I care about is what I’m doing with MY money. If you have awesome budgeting tips, share them! For budget-challenged people, we want to save money and be financially savvy, but we need some advice every now and then. So start talking about budgets and money, millennials! Maybe it’ll make us all better off in the end.

Those are my thoughts this Sunday, now back to reading BuzzFeed and figuring out which heels I’ll wear tomorrow.

If only, right?

If only, right?

x Kelly


Figuring Out What’s Next

two roadsHey there Readers, I hope you’re having a wonderful week. I started back at OU yesterday… my last semester. YIKES! I was sitting in my capstone today and almost started to freak out. I thought after this summer I would know what I want to do – and now after multiple internships, I’m not sure.

It’s not that I want a full career change, I can’t see myself anywhere else. But where do I go? I keep asking myself these questions: where do I go? Advertising or PR? What city do I want to live in? Chicago, New York, London, Berlin? When should I really start looking for jobs?

All of these questions are important in regards to the future, and I’d love to live in the now but jobs are already hard to get for college grads…. I don’t want to push it. I also started thinking about how I am going to survive this semester, because I’m already bored. I am only taking 4 classes, because that’s all I need to graduate, and I have an internship, but it hasn’t started yet. I did start watching a new show Outlander on Starz, but my Wifi had trouble loading it. I also started working out again, but I can’t do that for hours on end.

So after all of that, I turn to my blog. I always like to write to figure things out and listen to Michael Buble’s ‘Hone’ – it’s my go-to figure stuff out song.

Well all I can really do at this point is keep my hopes high, because I am a girl who has high heels and hopes that are even higher.


What’s YOUR Brand? Part 4

The last part of my What’s YOUR Brand series and probably the most important part there is. I wanted to end this series by making you think really long and hard…. well not really. This part is about motivation, ambition and your dreams. Part of figuring out who you are is by looking at what you want, what you like and what you expect from yourself. You can’t know what YOUR brand is until you know yourself. If you’re stuck then you just have to wait and figure it out. Usually people don’t know who they are until college and then some people still don’t know. If you’re stuck look at my last few posts of this series and that may help but all in all here’s what the most important part of the series is….

“Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.”
-B. R. Ambedkar

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Now that you have all of your materials of your brand, all that is left to continue to follow it. You are YOUR own brand. You’re not Sarah or Mike’s brand, you are YOUR brand. I’ve said this countless times but if you need to write it, type it, sketch it, paint it, do it! You have to remember that in this media-reliant world, you aren’t alone. If you think posting that picture of you bonging a beer on Twitter or Facebook for the world to see is a good idea, then I hope you like that being a part of your brand. You should always be yourself but what price would you pay if you weren’t acting as the best version of yourself? You could lose an internship opportunity, a job offer, the respect from your grandmother even (yes some grandmas do use social media). What I want you do to is really express YOUR brand in every aspect of your life. You don’t always have to be on your best behavior, but realize all choices have consequences in some way.

If your thinking about the future and what your dream is, think about who you are and what YOUR brand is. It’ll help you figure out what you want to do later in life. Once you figure that out, motivate yourself. Don’t just sit there and wait for things to happen because remember Newton’s laws? A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest. It can be hard to get up and get going sometimes but it really just takes dedication and passion. Many people forget that if your not passionate about something, you really have nothing. I and many of my colleagues would not have accomplished as much as we have if we weren’t passionate. So I want you to do this to end the series:

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

  1. Get up.
  2. Get out.
  3. Get going.
  4. Follow your dreams.
  5. Always stay passionate.
  6. Always stay positive.

Remember these things readers and YOUR brand will be clear, concise and all YOU.


Almost a Senior… DUN DUN DUN…

NYC taxi

Photo credit: Pinterest

It’s official readers… after this semester I will have enough credit hours to be considered a senior. Someone grab me a paper bag now as I hyperventilate. Just kidding! Seriously, I was one of those people who planned to graduate early and I always get the answer “DON’T DO IT!” Too late guys. I worked my butt off with taking 19 credit hours per semester for the past two years to do this and it’s great that you don’t mind sticking around for another semester but I thought of something that would be pretty cool to do during that time: Intern.

I have not yet had the chance to intern in NYC yet. I know right? The girl’s who blog has the words “High Heels” in it hasn’t interned in NYC? Well I went to Ireland instead. Looking at my college checklist, yes I made one freshman year (with a timeline!). My plans were to:

  • Get insanely involved freshman year. Check!
    • Joined a sorority and campus organizations related to my major.
  • Summer of sophomore year I planned to work. Check!
    • Worst job in the entire world… I found out I hated sales.
  • Sophomore year I was going to take tons of credit hours and become a leader in campus organizations. Check!
    •  Was made an Account Executive at ImPRessions and became Alumnae Relations Chair of my sorority.
  • Summer of sophomore year I was going to go to Vietnam with the GLC then intern abroad. Check!
    • I went to Vietnam for two weeks, spent a week back home in Chicago, then went to Ireland and interned for 8 weeks in Irish parliament.
  • Junior year I plan to make Dean’s list, continue leadership positions on campus, have a virtual internship during the semesters, be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, continue working for Insomnia Cookies as a Marketing Representative, learn how to cook a decent meal, and have fun!
    • Dean’s list: N/A
    • Continue leadership positions on campus: Check!
    • Have a virtual internship during the semesters: half Check!
    • Be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador: Check!
    • Continue working for Insomnia Cookies: Check!
    • Learn how to cook a decent meal: N/A (depends by opinion)
    • Have fun: N/A (how do I measure this?)

So what do I have planned for the next year or so? I have an idea. It’s not concrete but I can say I have achieved so much within 3 years of being here at OU. I’ve gained and lost relationships. Found out what I want to do with my life, somewhat. I lived in a foreign country and worked in parliament, who does that?! How was all of this conceivable? Hard work, luck, persistence, passion, confidence, ability to somewhat stay calm and an amazing support system. I do have plans to intern in NYC either this summer or after I’m done early but who knows what will happen next? I’m not thinking about it!

“The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.” -Christian Louboutin


P.S. To my family, friends and readers thank you! I couldn’t have achieved this much without all of your support. Mountains have been moved and I don’t know anyone else who has experienced what I have. I am truly thankful.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest


Twitter Tweet Crimes… Just please don’t do it!


My original idea for this post was social media pet peeves but let’s face it, people will always complain on Facebook. It’s human nature now and it can’t be stopped because that’d be breaking our first amendment rights (#CommunicationLaw #Ethics). So instead of social media pet peeves, I will express what I consider Twitter Tweet Crimes:

1. The Sad Romantic. This person always tweets country music lyrics, sad tweets, I miss you tweets and sudden romantic empowerment tweets “The right person will come one day, just like snow white’s prince #newme.” My best advice: if they are your best friend, advise them not to be this person. Otherwise, unfollow them. #sorrynotsorrythere

2. The Alcoholic: This person constantly tweets about going out, pictures of them at the bar with friends, drinking, dancing on tables, drunk tweets that don’t make sense, etc. This type is widespread throughout college twitter accounts after a peer’s numerous attempt to try to change that with “you won’t get a job with that account” threats. This is true in my opinion and no your account is not totally private. So don’t even try that one. My advice: Just unfollow them. If it’s you committing this Twitter Tweet crime then please think about your future #thinkbeforeyouact.

3. The Retweeter: Do you have your own thoughts? is my only question. My advice: Stop retweeting everything and if it’s someone else unfollow them, or you’ll see all of your tweets on their feed. #morelikerepeater

4. The Complainer: Remember my post about how Blogs aren’t just for complainers? Yes well please rewind, reread and think about that when writing your next tweet. This person will complain about every aspect of their day, especially if they’re busy. Note* not all busy people who say they’re busy on twitter are complaining, but it comes off that way. My advice: Unfollow. If it’s you please remember social media is not your best friend, your mother or your personal diary. Only followers suffer. #StayPositive

I’m sorry if any of these sounded snarky or brash, but I thought I would add a little humor into this post. I have followed, unfollowed and seen all of these types of Twitter Tweet crimes. I have been guilty of one, the complainer about being busy but I didn’t mean to. However, lesson learned. My new hashtag: #StayConfidentStayPositive. Overall, don’t tweet about drinking, doing drugs, your romantic life unless it’s like the Notebook, everyone else’s tweets and how awful your life apparently is. Some people are having terrible days but then you shouldn’t be on twitter about it, that’s what Facebook it for!

I really do think 12 a.m. is my new blog post time. I also have a high heel shoe ceramic figurine on my desk. I painted it when I was 10 and have kept it ever since as inspiration. I have high heels that are too tall to walk in but my hopes in life are much higher than that.

I’ll blog soon!