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Missing the Event of the Year

laurenbookreleaseflyer28229copyI’d like to think I’ve had more internships than the average college student, but I haven’t had as many as Lauren Berger aka the Intern Queen. Tonight the Intern Queen is having a book party in LA to launch her new book Welcome To The Real World. I am so bummed I am not in LA because I would love to be there! I just started Welcome To The Real World and I’m already hooked on it! There’s tons of great advice and tips for recent grads, and with finals ending and graduation music blaring, it’s the perfect time to read about “the real world.”

I hope all of the Intern Queen reps that can be there tonight have an amazing time!


This one’s for you Finance majors

CFAThis isn’t normally my area of expertise, but that’s the wonderful thing about being a blogger – you never know what opportunities can pop up. This post is dedicated to you finance majors, and I hope it’ll be helpful in figuring out what you want to do with your degree. You see, finance is such a broad field and sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do. However, the CFA Institute has the perfect remedy for those who have no idea what to do with their finance degree; a career mapping quiz.

No, it’s not like one of those silly Buzzfeed quizzes used to procrastinate, the CFA Institute’s career mapping quiz helps finance majors figure out what to do with their degrees. The best part? Like a Buzzfeed quiz, it’s only 10 questions over your preferences, behavior and skills… so it’s a Buzzfeed quiz that will actually help you figure out what to do with your degree. The quiz will base career suggestions off of your answers and offers CFA Institute educational programs that can help you on your way!

Now I’m sure your wondering, why would someone create this quiz? Well the CFA Institute really wants to help students see the various options available to them in finance. They also want to have students tell them why their interested in finance, so they can send students useful information aMapquizphonend resources for more help.

The great thing about this quiz, is that the answers are not vague and it was made by their student marketing team. Instead of just being put in one of three categories, the quiz gives very distinct answers. The quiz looks into aspects such as adaptability/flexibility, motivation, communication, teamwork/interpersonal skills, analytical thinking skills, leadership, commercial awareness and decision making/problem solving.

The cool thing about all of this is that it hasn’t even been released yet. If you’re reading this blog, you get the first looks into the CFA Institute’s Career Mapping Quiz because I work for another cool organization called Intern Queen. You know, Lauren Berger the Intern Queen. She is releasing a new book (which I will be blogging about soon) called “Welcome to the Real World,” her website also has awesome tips for internship/job seekers AND post-grads.

Anyways, back to the quiz. In order to take it all you have to do is click here: http://careermapping.cfainstitute.org/! It’s as easy as pie.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below. Happy quizzing!