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Tips on Interning Abroad

IMG_0554It’s the beginning of summer, and I’m sure plenty of you in college have friends studying or interning abroad. If you’re getting the itch do to it too, hold on one second. I had an amazing experience interning in Irish parliament, but it could’ve gone a lot better! And I mean it! Read my tips below, and you’ll see why:

  1. Look at all options. I picked a terrible program (CIS Abroad… stay away from them). I wish I would’ve done a placement program and found my own apartment, so I wasn’t 45 minutes outside the city by bus.
  2. Don’t settle. I would’ve loved doing my internship in London, but it was way too expensive. In the end, I didn’t settle. I had an amazing experience… I mean how many people do you know have worked in parliament?
  3. Be prepared. Financially, mentally, emotionally, physically – the whole nine yards. If you’re not ready before that day comes, prepare yourself and settle down. It’ll all work out in the end.
  4. Have fun. Again, I wish some things could’ve been different, but make the most out of your situation and have fun!

I now know that I can live abroad and me totally fine. Not everything went as planned, but I learned a lot about myself and my profession. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and hopefully I’ll be living in London in the years to come. (I may have a mild obsession with all things british…)

Stay fabulous readers!


Almost a Senior… DUN DUN DUN…

NYC taxi

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It’s official readers… after this semester I will have enough credit hours to be considered a senior. Someone grab me a paper bag now as I hyperventilate. Just kidding! Seriously, I was one of those people who planned to graduate early and I always get the answer “DON’T DO IT!” Too late guys. I worked my butt off with taking 19 credit hours per semester for the past two years to do this and it’s great that you don’t mind sticking around for another semester but I thought of something that would be pretty cool to do during that time: Intern.

I have not yet had the chance to intern in NYC yet. I know right? The girl’s who blog has the words “High Heels” in it hasn’t interned in NYC? Well I went to Ireland instead. Looking at my college checklist, yes I made one freshman year (with a timeline!). My plans were to:

  • Get insanely involved freshman year. Check!
    • Joined a sorority and campus organizations related to my major.
  • Summer of sophomore year I planned to work. Check!
    • Worst job in the entire world… I found out I hated sales.
  • Sophomore year I was going to take tons of credit hours and become a leader in campus organizations. Check!
    •  Was made an Account Executive at ImPRessions and became Alumnae Relations Chair of my sorority.
  • Summer of sophomore year I was going to go to Vietnam with the GLC then intern abroad. Check!
    • I went to Vietnam for two weeks, spent a week back home in Chicago, then went to Ireland and interned for 8 weeks in Irish parliament.
  • Junior year I plan to make Dean’s list, continue leadership positions on campus, have a virtual internship during the semesters, be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, continue working for Insomnia Cookies as a Marketing Representative, learn how to cook a decent meal, and have fun!
    • Dean’s list: N/A
    • Continue leadership positions on campus: Check!
    • Have a virtual internship during the semesters: half Check!
    • Be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador: Check!
    • Continue working for Insomnia Cookies: Check!
    • Learn how to cook a decent meal: N/A (depends by opinion)
    • Have fun: N/A (how do I measure this?)

So what do I have planned for the next year or so? I have an idea. It’s not concrete but I can say I have achieved so much within 3 years of being here at OU. I’ve gained and lost relationships. Found out what I want to do with my life, somewhat. I lived in a foreign country and worked in parliament, who does that?! How was all of this conceivable? Hard work, luck, persistence, passion, confidence, ability to somewhat stay calm and an amazing support system. I do have plans to intern in NYC either this summer or after I’m done early but who knows what will happen next? I’m not thinking about it!

“The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.” -Christian Louboutin


P.S. To my family, friends and readers thank you! I couldn’t have achieved this much without all of your support. Mountains have been moved and I don’t know anyone else who has experienced what I have. I am truly thankful.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest



Adventures in Northern Ireland

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The Media: can’t live with it, can’t live without it

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” -Daniel J. Boorstin

Hey Readers, this past week I created a media database at my internship. Let me say this was not an easy task and took hours to do. My boss already had some media contacts for all of his press releases but I had the challenge of sorting them and expanding his list to create this database to help my overall project for the summer: help my boss increase his media presence.

At first I got frustrated trying to find all of the contact information for all radio and news outlets in Ireland, yes I mean all. It took hours of research to get the names of all media outlets then finding who to contact within that specific newspa


per or radio station itself. When working with the media, establishing some sort of relationship with reporters and editors is key. Your contact info should always be on the press release and your press release should make them want to give you a call to find out more information for their article. I’m not saying have a poorly done press release with no information on it, but the basic 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why? It’s also helpful to tailor your press release to the different media outlets. My boss is a TD for one county, so why should any other county’s newspaper or radio station talk about what he’s doing? Because in some way, some how it’s relative. Like your resume and cover letter, tweak the press release to fit the news in other area’s like you would to different companies. You wouldn’t send the same version cover letter to a boutique fashion PR firm as you would to a fortune 500 company, you should make yourself fit to the company itself; not the other way around.

My advice when creating a media database: look at all sources and dissect which ones are credible and which ones aren’t. As a journalist you should know how to determine what a credible source is and isn’t. Then organize your findings using Word, Excel, InDesign, anything that helps you in creating this database. Lastly, once everything is organized (I created a table in word) break the outlets apart and group them into sectors. I chose local, national, and other counties. I also had a section that included all press contacts.

Now you are going to have some basic contact info, this is normal if you are using Google but don’t let that deter you. Call the newspaper or radio station saying you just sent in a press release and ask if they can have a quick look at it. Remember all press materials should be sent in a timely matter. In doing this you have the opportunity to network and create relationships within the media and if you have a friend at a newspaper, send it over to them directly with an email but don’t abuse this relationship either.

To clarify, there are a million ways to do things in journalism, especially PR. Certain things will always remain the same, like the inverted pyramid but it’s about tailoring that basic concept/idea/task to your or whoever you are working for’s goal. When it comes to figuring out how to put together a media databases, they are many ways to do it. When you get frustrated step away from the computer, have a cup of coffee and breathe. The media may induce headaches from time to time but you can’t live with or without it, that’s just the way things go.

I’ve got my favorite nude 4 inch heels on today to match my all black outfit and leopard print scarf. I’m thinking today will be a good day, but I always have high hopes, especially when I’m wearing my lucky heels.



Photos of my travels

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