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How to Pack for a Work/School-related Trip

travelling4workHey readers, so today I am headed to the Big Apple and I am so excited! I have never been to NYC before… I know kind of shocking since I love high heels. Anyways I am headed to NYC with the Global Leadership Certificate Program to present our projects to the German Innovation Center. Even though there is a long car ride ahead of me tomorrow, I am all packed and ready to go. Now packing for a work/school-related trip can be tricky because you need to have the right balance of clothes, shoes and accessories. Here’s the list of what you need to do when packing:

  1. Pick the small suitcase. It’s a short trip, and I always say go for the hardcover suitcases because they fit a ton!
  2. Pick out your business outfits. If you’re giving a presentation or need to dress in business casual or business professional, pick out what you will wear first.
  3. Pick out your casual clothes. Always pack one pair of jeans, cute going out tops and a casual dress if it’s warm.
  4. The shoes. Only ever pick heels if you have flats to wear while walking from place to place. I love heels but I hate trotting down the street block after block in them.
  5. Toiletries. I am picky about using hotel shampoos, conditioners and soaps. I will only ever use the hotel toiletries if I’m at certain hotel branches, because 1) I’m allergic to Dove soap and 2) again I’m picky.
  6. The bag. If you’re a guy, make sure you have a briefcase of some sort and if you’re a woman always have a business bag. I am currently using a Coach tote I got over winter break, but my normal business bag staple is a blue tote that only cost me $39.95 but looks like it’s worth so much more.
  7. Electronics. Make sure you have your laptop, iPad/tablet (if you have one), chargers, headphones, bluetooth, etc. If you forget a phone charger you will be sorry!
  8. Traveling outfit. I always like to look stylish and comfortable. I don’t believe in sweatpants outside of the house or the gym… I will wear yoga pants but you never know who you will meet while traveling! Especially on an airplane.
  9. Final check. Make sure you have everything and anything you will need. Don’t forget any medications, tylenol and your toothbrush.

Well there’s my list. My #10 item on this list is have fun. You’re going on a trip and it’s going to be great, remember that and have a great time!

So excited for the Big Apple! Eeeek!


Virgin America safety video is so entertaining and catchy 🙂


What’s YOUR Brand Part 3: Business Cards

Hey readers here’s part 3 of my “What’s YOUR brand?” series and the focus this week is business cards. Some of you may be thinking, “seriously? business cards?” Yes, business cards are important. Do not think they are some piece of cardboard you hand to people you meet. A business card is a chance for you to be creative and show your personality while still keeping it classy. Now I’m sure you’re thinking what goes on my business card? Where do I have them made? Can I make them myself? What are the limits? Well here’s what I did and what you should do:

Step 1: Research. Like many other steps in to creating YOUR brand, you have to do your research. I did a Google Image search of creative business cards and went from there. I also looked at what my fellow PRSSA and ImPRessions colleagues were doing. I knew I didn’t want to just use Vistaprint or Staples because that’s not personal (in my opinion). My advice is to do a Google search, ask your friends, your peers and your parents then write down a list of what you think you want. Do you want to use your photo? Your special logo? These are all good questions to ask but it helps to write down and map out what you want. NOTE* photo needs to be a professional photo.

Step 2: Design. I used InDesign to create my business cards. I simply clicked the “business card” layout in the menu then made two pages, front and back. I did not map out what I wanted so I had to mess around with it for awhile. I didn’t tend to love any designs that I saw on my Google search so I asked, who is Kelly? What says who I am? First thing that came to mind: my Twitter. Readers, I love my Twitter profile. I found the background photo on Pinterest, it’s NYC Skyscrapers in black, gray and white with pastels… I love it! I also spent forever on my bio and it speaks to who I am so I thought, I’m going to use it. I also used the font that is used on Twitter… it’s an OCD thing. The front of my business card is very plain, as it is gray with a white stripe and my name, email, phone, twitter, LinkedIn, and a few positions.

business cards2

back of my business cards

Step 3: Printing. All that needs to be done here is more research. See where the best printing prices are and the amount you are allowed to print. Remember 500 business cards is A LOT. Try for 100 or less. Maybe 50 if you’re an underclassmen. With Vistaprint, you end up printing around 200-500 business cards, which is way too many. If you have positions on your business cards do not do this because in college your business cards will change at least once a year. Also please do not spend ridiculous amounts on printing, it’s not worth it. A business card can speak to who you are as a person but it’s not worth your minimum wage college job’s paycheck.

Overall business cards are what you want them to be. They can be super simple or extremely creative but it depends on what you want to do and who you want to impress with your amazing business cards. If you’re more corporate, think business. If you’re more agency, fashion, graphics, think fun!

I hope this helps you all in creating your perfect business cards! Part 4 of the final “What’s YOUR Brand?” series will be coming up soon and you won’t want to miss out! Any questions, comments, concerns? Comment below or follow me on Twitter and message me!

I am writing this in my media ethics class right now, while still adding to the discussion #multitaskingatitsfinest.