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Girl Bosses win, Bitches do not

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Hey readers, happy Tuesday! I hope you had a good day, I had a good day but I was so tired. I felt like I needed 10 cups of coffee to continue, but I pushed through and I’m ready to go back to work again tomorrow. It’s only my second week, but one thing I’ve already realized is that I work with some pretty cool people.

I’ve recently been re-reading Lauren Berger’s new book Welcome to the Real World and one thing that has continued to jump out at me is that even when people are being nasty to you, you should always be nice. News flash to all of the Girl Bosses out there, the bitch never wins. While you can be a Girl Boss who is respected, you can’t be a bitch as well. If you are nasty to people, whether you are an entry-level employee or upper-level exec, you will never move forward. People don’t want to work with someone who argues and is rude to everyone. There’s a difference between being cordial and just doing your job, than being the rude coworker in the office.

While in college I was in a variety of organizations, I could always pull out the people who were fake, the people who didn’t care and the people who were going to be a bitch no matter how nice I was. Where are those people you ask? I have no idea, but all I know is that I was always courteous and polite to them. That’s what matters. Welcome to the Real World has many tips on staying out of office drama, and with that as inspiration I decided to compile some tips on how to be respected by coworkers, while not being a bitch at the same time.


  1. Structure your point. You can be a respected, headstrong employee but if you just bitch and don’t structure your point you won’t get anywhere.
  2. Always do it with a smile. Work is supposed to be serious and takes a lot of energy, but smiling makes you more approachable and coworkers will always wonder how the heck you do it.
  3. Never yell back. If a coworker is yelling at the top of their lungs at you, take a deep… deep… deep breath. Then start off by saying “I completely understand where you are coming from. Might I suggest we take a step back and work to resolve this issue together?” That’s for if the problem isn’t your fault, but if you’re doing your job and staying on top of things it probably isn’t.
  4. Do not gossip. One way to get yourself off the promotion list is by being a person who is constantly gossiping about their coworkers. How can anyone trust you if you’re always talking about them behind their back?
  5. Kill them with kindness. One of the lessons my mom always told me when it came to bullies. Kill those bitches with kindness, because at the end of the day they won’t have anything left to say – you didn’t give them the chance.

Follow these tips, always be open about the way you communicate with people and you’ll avoid the horrible office drama that’ll stunt your growth to the top of the career ladder. Because in the end Girl Bosses win, bitches do not.

x Kelly


Social Media can be your Friend

social media

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Hi Readers. Last week was insane… I could not keep up, but this week is starting to be insane too. So while I hope you all had a better weekend than I did, I decided to write a post about how social media can really be your friend. I have friends who believe in the public and private Twitter account, the using your middle name on Facebook and that they really should just delete their social media accounts all together. I understand you find that is a great solution, however, why hide yourself? If you hide yourself, you show employers you have something to hide. Here’s how social media can be your friend:

Networking is now done on social media. Follow your favorite brands and companies on Twitter, make connections on LinkedIn. Twitter and LinkedIn are the new networking mixers. It’s the only way people actually have time to network besides conferences, and really ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’

Facebook is to post Buzzfeed articles. You can be your non-professional self on Facebook. It’s dying! All employers will check for is whether you are doing something illegal or drinking. So just don’t post on Facebook while drunk. You don’t need to use your middle name instead of your last, Facebook is for you to post Buzzfeed articles. Just please don’t rant about relationships, it’s very annoying.

It’s the best way to show your personality. A resume or cover letter doesn’t say who you are as a person. Your Twitter does and if you do it right, they’ll see you are someone they want to work with. Twitter is one of the best ways to share your personal brand, because you can connect with so many people you would’ve never met before. It’s just a follow button away #TwitterisYOURfriend

If you do it right, there’s no need to delete. If your Twitter or Facebook account was extremely inappropriate, it’s okay to delete it. However, if you turn it around and change what you’re tweeting, there’s no need to delete it. You’d be starting from scratch and that’s an extra hassle. And if you don’t think Twitter is important, I hope you won’t be working in communications or marketing.

Public vs. Private. Having a private and public Twitter is stupid. I’m not sorry about it. Why can’t you showcase your professional and personal life? You aren’t a robot. You have feelings and a life, it’s okay to admit it. Also, having two Twitter accounts means wasting even more time browsing social media when you have a paper due the next morning.

I don’t mean to be critical about all of this, but social media can be a huge asset to your professional career. It’s not something to be afraid of if you understand it and use it correctly. Just remember no ranting, no passive aggressiveness, no drunk posts and absolutely no inappropriate content. If you’re upset, call your mother. She probably misses you anyways. 🙂

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest