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How to Gain Followers on Pinterest

NORDPINPinterest is fun, time consuming and gives the best ideas. I used to be a Pinterest addict, but then I got busy and slowed it way down. However, in my free time, I’m usually on Pinterest while watching Mad Men. While Pinterest may be fun and give you great ideas, it can also be a great PR/marketing tool. One of my favorite brands on Pinterest is Nordstrom. They engage with users and pin all of the time. Those two things are keys to gaining followers on Pinterest, if you’re a brand. If you’re trying to gain followers solo, there are a few things you can do to make your profile pinnable.

  • Pin a lot. If you don’t pin all the time, people won’t pin you. It’s as simple as that.
  • Specify your boards. I used to only have one fashion board with over 2,300 pins. I couldn’t find my favorite pins after the 2,000th pin, so I decided to create another fashion board more focused on designers and couture.
  • Pin others pins. It’s similar to Twitter, if you follow someone they may follow you back. If you pin other peoples pins, they’ll pin you right back. It’s the way it works.
  • Pin what you love. Pin what you want to pin. If you don’t, why are you on Pinterest?

Pinterest is simple. You just have to specify your boards and pin a lot. Don’t forget about engaging with others and pinning others pins. I have over 5,000 pins… a dent in the Pin-o-sphere. There are some out there with tens of thousands of pins. Can you keep up?

What do you like to pin on Pinterest?


True Confessions: Addictions of a PR Girl

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

These are the true confessions of a PR girl facing addiction problems… in reality these are addictions many people have but for the purpose of this article I’m sharing mine. Now working in public relations or studying public relations is very stressful and we tend to create habits that may or may not become a problem. Don’t believe me? Well maybe reading my addictions will help you see that you may have a problem. Don’t worry though! There are many others in the same boat.

1. Diet Coke. I started this habit in Ireland when every morning I would go to the little connivence mart outside my apartment and order a fresh croissant and a diet coke. I actually started a trend among other interns but the truth is: diet coke tastes great in the morning! I think it’s the bubbles. It also has caffeine so instead of waiting for your Keurig to make your carmel latte, you just grab a diet coke. That was easy.

2. Coffee. Diet coke isn’t that strong and at 3 p.m. coffee just gives you the added push for the rest of your day. I’ll drink one at 8 a.m., maybe one at 5 p.m. or even 8:30 p.m. and if I’m going to be up really late I make the 11:00 p.m. coffee cup. This is an addiction many people have but when you get coffee just because you feel like it, not because you need it, Houston we may have a problem. I try to limit this one but tonight I couldn’t help myself, oh well.

3. Twitter. Facebook is so high school, it’s all about Twitter and checking your Twitter constantly. I can’t go one hour without checking my Twitter feed. When there are times where no phones or electronics are allowed, other than an airplane, I start to go through withdrawal. Is it a problem? Yes. But at least I’m not alone and have many others all around me with this problem… I’m looking at all of you Scripps kids. But hey, public relations people are paid to go on Twitter so it’s a healthy and lucrative addiction.

4. Gmail. I check my email more than my Twitter. I am one of those weird people who love to get emails. I don’t care if it’s not relevant but I organize it with labels and folders, making it 10 times more fun. I can also check out my Google Calendar, which is crucial for time management purposes. Do I feel bad constantly checking my email? Well if I’m not on vacation, out with friends, celebrating a holiday or with family, no not really.

There are many other things I could say I’m addicted to like Pinterest, reading blogs, my iPod (never go anywhere without it) and my bed but these were my top 4. If the world ended tomorrow, I feel like me and many other public relations people would be a little lost as we go through withdrawal. But at least I admit I have a problem. These are my true confessions of a PR Girl addicted to beverages and the internet. That basically sums it all up. What are your addictions?


What’s YOUR Brand Part 3: Business Cards

Hey readers here’s part 3 of my “What’s YOUR brand?” series and the focus this week is business cards. Some of you may be thinking, “seriously? business cards?” Yes, business cards are important. Do not think they are some piece of cardboard you hand to people you meet. A business card is a chance for you to be creative and show your personality while still keeping it classy. Now I’m sure you’re thinking what goes on my business card? Where do I have them made? Can I make them myself? What are the limits? Well here’s what I did and what you should do:

Step 1: Research. Like many other steps in to creating YOUR brand, you have to do your research. I did a Google Image search of creative business cards and went from there. I also looked at what my fellow PRSSA and ImPRessions colleagues were doing. I knew I didn’t want to just use Vistaprint or Staples because that’s not personal (in my opinion). My advice is to do a Google search, ask your friends, your peers and your parents then write down a list of what you think you want. Do you want to use your photo? Your special logo? These are all good questions to ask but it helps to write down and map out what you want. NOTE* photo needs to be a professional photo.

Step 2: Design. I used InDesign to create my business cards. I simply clicked the “business card” layout in the menu then made two pages, front and back. I did not map out what I wanted so I had to mess around with it for awhile. I didn’t tend to love any designs that I saw on my Google search so I asked, who is Kelly? What says who I am? First thing that came to mind: my Twitter. Readers, I love my Twitter profile. I found the background photo on Pinterest, it’s NYC Skyscrapers in black, gray and white with pastels… I love it! I also spent forever on my bio and it speaks to who I am so I thought, I’m going to use it. I also used the font that is used on Twitter… it’s an OCD thing. The front of my business card is very plain, as it is gray with a white stripe and my name, email, phone, twitter, LinkedIn, and a few positions.

business cards2

back of my business cards

Step 3: Printing. All that needs to be done here is more research. See where the best printing prices are and the amount you are allowed to print. Remember 500 business cards is A LOT. Try for 100 or less. Maybe 50 if you’re an underclassmen. With Vistaprint, you end up printing around 200-500 business cards, which is way too many. If you have positions on your business cards do not do this because in college your business cards will change at least once a year. Also please do not spend ridiculous amounts on printing, it’s not worth it. A business card can speak to who you are as a person but it’s not worth your minimum wage college job’s paycheck.

Overall business cards are what you want them to be. They can be super simple or extremely creative but it depends on what you want to do and who you want to impress with your amazing business cards. If you’re more corporate, think business. If you’re more agency, fashion, graphics, think fun!

I hope this helps you all in creating your perfect business cards! Part 4 of the final “What’s YOUR Brand?” series will be coming up soon and you won’t want to miss out! Any questions, comments, concerns? Comment below or follow me on Twitter and message me!

I am writing this in my media ethics class right now, while still adding to the discussion #multitaskingatitsfinest.


What’s YOUR Brand?

Hey readers, last week I attended the last of Scripps PRSSA’s PR Bootcamp and the topic was personal branding. Until about a year or so ago, I didn’t know that I was my own brand. Usually when I think of brands I think Burberry, Cheetos, Diet Coke, etc. but not me, myself and I. So what did I learn about how to promote the best YOU brand?

My Twitter profile just screams me with my tagline, background of NYC in pastels and I'm smiling in my "professional photo."

My Twitter profile just screams me with my tagline, background of NYC in pastels and I’m smiling in my “professional photo.”

Step 1: Consistency. All of your social media profiles should match. My Twitter and LinkedIn profile pictures match, as well as the photo I use on the “Who am I?” page on this website. I do have a Facebook but a) I use it for photo purposes/to connect with friends and b) it has higher privacy settings. My photo isn’t the same as my Twitter and LinkedIn but it’s still appropriate and explains me (it’s in black and white). I also have this weird OCD habit about all of my fonts being the same. The font I use for my email is the same font in my resume…. weird right? Well that’s me for ya!

Step 2: Appropriate. Okay, I had to bring this one up. The general rule is that if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it then don’t post/tweet it. That can be said for photos as well. If you’re under 21, why would you have pictures of you with alcohol in your hands? It’s illegal and you can lose a job or internship over it. I’m not saying you have to be a stick in the mud but be smart. It’s as simple as that.

Step 3: Make it you. This is something I find many people have difficulties with. It’s great to see that on Twitter you are extremely professional and good at what you do but what are you like? Are you boring? Are you a mild-crazy person? What are your interests/hobbies? I look at Twitter as a place where you should be professional but have fun and make it your own. My twitter is half what I do and half what I like. It’s me. I mean who else would say “Lover of traveling” or “Fashion OBSESSED.” That may be someone else’s tagline but I can say that’s who I am. I’ve been to eight different countries and I browse clothing on Pinterest and Polyvore almost every single day. I also read fashion news and am secretly in love with Fashion Police on E!

When looking at YOUR brand, you really have to think about who you are. Now resumes are another subject I will talk about soon because mine took FOREVER. But just remember to never have a private and public Twitter, because that could mean your hiding something. Be smart and if you are thinking whether that post/tweet is a good idea, just don’t post/tweet it. Lastly, remember that you are your own brand, not someone else’s, so ask yourself: Who is ______________?

P.S. I’m going to Chicago in less than three weeks with my best friend and I cannot wait! Michigan Avenue and amazing food here I come!


Diet Coke ad I made for my graphics class... It's one brand I love because I have at least one a day.

Diet Coke ad I made for my graphics class… It’s one brand I love because I have at least one a day.

Your Pins don’t magically end up in your Closet… unfortunately

Hey Readers. With internship season at a start, the huge question that always comes across is what am I going to wear? I have nothing in my closet! Ughh why can’t my closet be from all of my pins on Pinterest? If I had a closet full of my Pinterest finds, I’d be wearing some expensive and fashionable finds, but seeing as I’m living on a budget with a non-paid internship I just have to recreate it some other way. Here are some clothing items that are always great to have in your closet for internship season and everyday.

The first trend I want to start with is the peplum. Peplum is everywhere at the moment and it can be the perfect top to go under a blazer or cardigan for work. Peplums are everywhere and very versatile for work and a night out on the town. I personally like my peplum plain, but with new and improved ways of the peplum coming out every day from designers, you can pick and choose the peplum to your liking.

Peplum 1                        peplum 3

The next item I advise on purchasing is a tweed jacket or blazer. I’m sure you’re thinking wait, tweed? Really? Isn’t that what those ladies who go to high teas in their Chanel tweed jackets and pencil skirts wear? Yes they wear tweed but this isn’t your run of the mill high tea tweet jacket. Tweed with the right pieces can be as edgy as you want it to be. Here are two options I would totally buy!

tweed 2         tweed 1

So you can’t go to your internship without some type of bottom, it wouldn’t make the best impression to walk in half naked. And since it is summer I love to wear skirts. I also have the worst time trying to find good work pants that fit and don’t cost heaps of money. Now length is a big factor. Depending on where you work, a shorter pencil skirt may not be the best bet. I always try for at least the fingertips rule: if your skirt is shorter than your fingertips against your thighs, your skirt is way to short for a professional environment. I wouldn’t say go to the knee because you’re young and it’s okay to wear skirts above the knee as long as they are at the right length. Just think of your internship’s dress code and office culture when deciding on a skirt, my favorite store for professional skirts is H & M.

skirt 1                        skirt 2 skirt 3                 skirt 4

Sometimes I won’t be feeling the separates-vibe when picking out what to wear so I go for a dress. Now the dresses I chose are appropriate for where I am working this summer and some will be for more professional business attire but these dresses are very versatile for day to night looks. I did choose very neutral looks, no prints or patterned dresses, but I personally like a lot of solid neutrals with bold colored blazers or shoes.

dress 1 dress 2 dress 4

Lastly you have shoes. I think flats are a great thing to keep in your bag, especially when going to and from the office but it’s always good to have a pair of “work heels” that are at a reasonable height. I know, the girl who loves heels that are 4 inches or higher is suggesting this! I do have a pair or two of shorter heels for work, but since I will have to run between parliament buildings, wearing 4 inch heels wouldn’t be easy or comfortable. These options are just a variation of what can be bought. I love the cap-toed pumps that are in right now! So fun and still professional!

shoe 1 shoe 2

Alright readers, that’s all I have for this post and I hope that you are making very fabulous and fashionable choices when you look at your closets in the morning. If you have any more clothing pieces that are great for internships, feel free to comment below for everyone to see!

Loved looking at heels for this post! Of course running in 4 inch heels is dangerous, but what’s life without a little danger?


P.S. All items are on polyvore.com