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I’m still only 20

Sorry for this post being so late! Unfortunately I didn’t get the freelance gig. The owner really appreciated my willingness to take on the challenge and loved some of my ideas. However, because the business is still getting it’s feet off the ground, he didn’t think it was right to hire me to do work he couldn’t compensate for. I am perfectly okay with that fact. I tried. I put effort into it and it didn’t work out. In truth, I only do have another 5 days here, crazy right? Although I do have to keep reminding myself, I’m still only 20.

I’ve had ideas going through my head about what I want to do in the future. Own my own agency, publicist, work in fashion, it’s kind of all over the place. I always have to have a plan and I have one but what I’ve learned from my time here is that plans aren’t always meant to go as followed. I have a year and a half to figure things out. I don’t know what’s in store for me regarding my career. I know I have passion for what I do. I may not have a clear idea but I think it’s better that way. This summer was a plan. It didn’t go exactly how it was supposed to but I learned from it. I learned my strengths, my weaknesses, who I am as a person. To me that’s better than continuing on a plan not knowing who you are and what you are passionate about.

I go to a school where everyone I work with has passion for this career. Everyone is good at what they are doing. We all exceed the expectations of normal 20-year old college students but sometimes we forget what we need to do in order to figure out our lives. I spent the summer in Dublin, interning in Politics. I don’t like politics. I don’t like not having my support system near by, but I’ve learned so much. I never imagined learning everything I have in these 8 weeks. I thought I was going to go to Dublin and have the most amazing time. I’ll admit it, I didn’t have the best time. I have had a great internship, but now I know Dublin is not the city for me. I know I will make something out of myself one day but this summer isn’t it. I still have time. So I want all of you readers going through the exact same thing as me to remember this: if you continue to go about your life as planned, you aren’t living it to its full extent.

This post was really heavy. I do think a lot can be learned from time alone. My mentor recently told me, you can’t work on yourself if you don’t spend time by yourself. She was right. 


Internships can be scary

I have always been told that there are parts of your internship that will freak you out a little but on Wednesday I had a shocking yet frightening task to do: writing a speech for my boss to use in parliament. As soon as he walked out of the room, I immediately started cursing to myself. He had 10 minutes to speak and I had to write the entire speech on an abortion legislation going through the Dáil right now. The first challenge was writing about something I have an opposite viewpoint on and the second was actually writing the speech.

Luckily I did have research from another Deputy that was given to me to use as a source and I know my T.D.’s style. At first I was having trouble with the length. The issue could have been talked about in four minutes but in the end, my boss said he could talk for another half hour if he wanted to.

My first draft: too short. Second draft: grammar/editing mistakes. Third draft’s a charm, or so I thought. It turned out my boss was later given 20 minutes after I had already left work. He was also given extra time on his other speech that night as well. When I did walk in to the office the next morning and he had said it went well and was able to add things/make it work I felt so relieved. I sunk in my chair for a second just enthralled that it went well.

Moral of the story here is there are tasks you will have to do at your internship that will scare you and you will be cursing to yourself. The fact that I wrote a speech that was used in Parliament was a pretty big deal for me and I may have the chance to do it again since my boss liked it.

One thing I will tell you and it’s a little hypocritical, but don’t be afraid. You can for the first few seconds but then focus, put on your big girl/big boy pants and get to work. Your internship is meant to challenge you, so if you are scared/nervous you must be doing something right.

This is why you should always wear high heels when you are scared, they are the understated weapon and you’ll still look good while freaking out on the inside.