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My Balance Pyramid

I was recently looking through one of my favorite blog sites, NYC PR Girls, and I saw a post that really inspired me. It was about a PR Girl’s Balance Pyramid. So I thought to myself, why not create my own? It is somewhat similar to the one on NYC PR Girls, but different because I factored in School and ImPRessions.

my balance pyramid

Family and Friends. This group of people are my support group. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my family and friends. I talk to my mom at least once a day, I also secretly think I annoy my roommate, because I bug her all the time to chat. I believe that at the end of the day, even if I lost everything, I would still have my family and friends right there with me.
School. Being in college, I feel like many people don’t have this high on their pyramid. You came to college to get a degree, so why wouldn’t you take the time to study? I’m paying for my school and will be making those student loan payments once I graduate, but I also came to Ohio University to study journalism and hopefully get a job out of it one day. (Side note: when making this pyramid I almost put ImPRessions second, however I could hear my mother’s voice in my head saying school comes first, which it always should.)
ImPRessions. I can say I have learned more from ImPRessions and PRSSA, than any class I have ever taken. I work with some amazing, brilliant people, who will one day be kicking butt in the PR world. Scripps is a school that creates journalists who are amazing at what they do. Working with students involved in ImPRessions and PRSSA has taught me what can’t be learned in a classroom, and I have met some pretty cool bobcats from it.
Health. This category includes “me time”, staying active and making sure I’m doing what I need to, to stay healthy. In order to be productive and do a great job, I need “me time” at least once a day. When I’m very busy, those quiet moments when I put in my headphones allow me to forget for a second what I have going on. I also am very concerned about staying active and getting sleep. I hate being sick. I feel weak, unorganized and overall a hot mess. If I keep myself in check and make sure I eat right, workout a little and spend some few minutes alone every day, I’m able to accomplish anything I put my mind to.
Love Life. This section is something I am not really concerned about. I’m only 20, I have plenty of time to find “the one.” Until then, I’m here to work hard and have a good time. If there is a guy in my life, at the moment it just makes me add one more thing to my to do list, “make time to hang out with ___”. I’d rather have a good time and live life when I have the time, other than worry about how I’m single. It’s college, not your 30s.
Misc. These are the little things that make me smile or make my day. I love music. If it was acceptable to listen to music all day long, I definitely would. I also like reading funny Buzzfeed articles and drinking my one-a-day Diet Coke. It’s these little things that just make me realize everything is always going to be okay. The world is not ending and there is not a zombie apocalypse. We aren’t on a trashy reality TV show (although I love Vanderpump Rules), where our lives always suck and are filled with drama. We are normal human beings who are just living our lives… and that is perfectly okay with me.

So this is my pyramid. It was fun to analyze my life and make it, so I challenge all of you reading to try and make your own balance pyramid. How do you balance school, work and a social life? Let me know in the comments.

Third post this week! Woo!


Blogging isn’t just for the Complainers

If you haven’t seen my blog before, welcome! I am a college student and I have this blog. Some people think blogs are for complainers or extremely nerdy people who blog about video games. Wrong! Blogging can seriously help your writing skills and allow you to grow as a professional.

This blog is my third… ya… I would never keep up with any of my old blogs so I eventually just deleted them because they just sat there on the internet with one post. Blogging has taught me responsibility and motivation, because I have to keep up and posting or what’s the point in having one? Blogging can also help you network. Some of my followers are people in PR, studying PR or in other professionals in sectors that interest me i.e. fashion. Now this post is for the Scripps Summer Challenge (#ScrippsSummerChallenge on twitter) for my PRSSA chapter and I already tweeted I had a blog but had to be responsible and finish the challenge.

So if you have an interest in a career such as PR, journalism, fashion, sports, anything! You should blog. Remember it is not your online personal diary… I block those blogs. Yes there are people with video game blogs, but how else are you supposed to know how defeat the boss challenge? Blogs can teach you much more than you think. If you follow professionals, they usually give advice. You can find tips/tricks on anything, DIY challenges if you are crafty.Basically blogging can help you grow as a person, a professional and a writer. If you are bad at writing, well here’s your chance to become good at it.

P.S. Wearing heels out for my last hurrah in Dublin, yes I know there are cobblestones but if I fall I’ll at least look good!


Freestyle? More like Freelance

“Like a lot of freelance cartoonists, when any opportunity like that comes along, I have a hard time saying no, whether it makes sense or not.” – Jim Woodring

Last week I embarked on my first freelancing opportunity. Unfortunately it’s for free but all I thought was this person likes what I’m saying, I’ll get to add to pieces to my portfolio and build my resume even more. Now this is a first time thing for me, so I’m going with my instincts. Working with OU’s student-run PR firm, ImPRessions (nationally affiliated with PRSSA, I might add), I’ve learned that in PR you sometimes have to go with your gut.

Looking for guidance I emailed my old Account Supervisor, who has now graduated. Sad. But she was able to give me ideas I hadn’t thought of. I sat there staring at her email, examples of content marketing, the client’s website/Facebook/Twitter, etc. late last night, then it finally came to me.

The pitch needs to be worked on design wise but all this man wants to hear is my ideas and I’m ready for him. Wish me luck! I’ll report back this evening!

Wearing flats today because it’s been gorgeous here and my feet just can’t do the heels in hot. Wishing I would’ve packed my wedges. Boo.