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How to deal with rude Coworkers

charliebHi Readers, so this post is not about anyone in particular because all of the people I work with are amazing! I was reading an article and the idea just popped into my head, because how do you deal with rude coworkers? Honestly, I really dislike rude people. Even if they aren’t trying to be rude and come off as rude, I am still not a fan. Just follow the Mother’s Golden Rule of “If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all.” If more people would do this, there would be a lot less drama in the world. Until then, here are some tips on dealing with rude coworkers.

  • Breathe. Unfortunately some people are naturally rude. Whenever they speak, it will come off the wrong way. It’s all about their tone – which unless they change themselves, nothing will change. However if you know someone like this and don’t know whether they are being rude or not, just breathe. Hard working people don’t have the time for attitude, END OF STORY.
  • Move on. I’m not going to lie, this tip is hard. Some people truly don’t care and this is easy for them, but for others it’s not. If you work in PR, a lot of what we do is about perception and you don’t want to be perceived as hurt – ESPECIALLY in an office setting. So take a deep breath, go grab a diet coke and take your mind off of it.
  • Talk to HR. If you notice this person is being inexplicably rude to you all the time for no reason and is causing other people problems in the office, it’s time to go to HR. You can always file a complaint anonymously, and sometimes you can only do so much. If you don’t feel like going to HR and would rather deal with them directly, do not do it in front of everyone else and remain stephanieecalm. If you get angry and they get defensive, who knows what can happen? (You could get fired for starting a fight…)
  • Stay positive. I have dealt with many people in the past who don’t care what other people think and are naturally rude. When you are in an office setting, it’s hard to focus on things when someone is always bringing you down. My best advice is to always stay positive. Listen to some upbeat music, take a stroll on your lunch break or eat a cupcake. Do whatever will make you feel better and forget about the jerk who said a rude comment towards you. They should know better by now, but you just have to be the bigger person.

Rude people will always inhabit the earth. It’s a factor of life we all just have to deal with, but if you stay focused and positive it’ll all work out in the end. And if you ever get hurt by a rude coworker, there’s always happy hour or retail therapy…

(I suggest both if the person is really a jerk).



Feathers, Fringes and Sparkles! OH MY!

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

Last night I partook in one of TV’s most watched nights: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It was sparkly, it was sexy, it was a night to remember. As a PR-girl, I could only imagine what goes into the magic for that one night. Design concepts, performers, the models, the clothes, lighting, promotion, TV ads, the behind the scenes… the list just goes on and on! While some viewers watching instantly feel bad about themselves, I am in awe at how amazing it is. Think of it this way, it takes an entire year to prepare for this show. They not only have the show but the holiday commercials, the hiring of famous performers, etc. and while you sit there eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s remember that someone’s blood, sweat and tears went into the creation of all of it. I am sure it is a large team but I can only commend them for their work.

That brings me to my next note… does Victoria’s Secret offer internships? I would happily work for the brand. Their branding techniques are spot on and immaculate at that. If I was to work in corporate public relations, Victoria’s Secret would be #1 on my list. Just looking at the show last night, I can only imagine what goes into the design concepts. Which I might add where fabulous last night! A) I loved the Brit theme and the romanticism in the shipwrecked theme. The Victoria’s Secret fashion show always have to have a little naughty, a little nice, a little playful and a whole lot of sexy. It’s a smart branding technique.

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

One thing I really loved last night was the runway. It was glitter. I love glitter! I also liked their short bit on social media before the Pink section. I liked how the Angels themselves reminded viewers that you can mess up with the push of a button. I have tried to warn many friends but it was amazing how they talked about social media and smart social media. Overall the show was fantastic and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for next year!

I have my last final on Friday and writing this was a nice needed break!

Until next time readers!


Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google


What’s YOUR Brand? Part 4

The last part of my What’s YOUR Brand series and probably the most important part there is. I wanted to end this series by making you think really long and hard…. well not really. This part is about motivation, ambition and your dreams. Part of figuring out who you are is by looking at what you want, what you like and what you expect from yourself. You can’t know what YOUR brand is until you know yourself. If you’re stuck then you just have to wait and figure it out. Usually people don’t know who they are until college and then some people still don’t know. If you’re stuck look at my last few posts of this series and that may help but all in all here’s what the most important part of the series is….

“Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.”
-B. R. Ambedkar

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Now that you have all of your materials of your brand, all that is left to continue to follow it. You are YOUR own brand. You’re not Sarah or Mike’s brand, you are YOUR brand. I’ve said this countless times but if you need to write it, type it, sketch it, paint it, do it! You have to remember that in this media-reliant world, you aren’t alone. If you think posting that picture of you bonging a beer on Twitter or Facebook for the world to see is a good idea, then I hope you like that being a part of your brand. You should always be yourself but what price would you pay if you weren’t acting as the best version of yourself? You could lose an internship opportunity, a job offer, the respect from your grandmother even (yes some grandmas do use social media). What I want you do to is really express YOUR brand in every aspect of your life. You don’t always have to be on your best behavior, but realize all choices have consequences in some way.

If your thinking about the future and what your dream is, think about who you are and what YOUR brand is. It’ll help you figure out what you want to do later in life. Once you figure that out, motivate yourself. Don’t just sit there and wait for things to happen because remember Newton’s laws? A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest. It can be hard to get up and get going sometimes but it really just takes dedication and passion. Many people forget that if your not passionate about something, you really have nothing. I and many of my colleagues would not have accomplished as much as we have if we weren’t passionate. So I want you to do this to end the series:

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

  1. Get up.
  2. Get out.
  3. Get going.
  4. Follow your dreams.
  5. Always stay passionate.
  6. Always stay positive.

Remember these things readers and YOUR brand will be clear, concise and all YOU.


What’s YOUR Brand Part 3: Business Cards

Hey readers here’s part 3 of my “What’s YOUR brand?” series and the focus this week is business cards. Some of you may be thinking, “seriously? business cards?” Yes, business cards are important. Do not think they are some piece of cardboard you hand to people you meet. A business card is a chance for you to be creative and show your personality while still keeping it classy. Now I’m sure you’re thinking what goes on my business card? Where do I have them made? Can I make them myself? What are the limits? Well here’s what I did and what you should do:

Step 1: Research. Like many other steps in to creating YOUR brand, you have to do your research. I did a Google Image search of creative business cards and went from there. I also looked at what my fellow PRSSA and ImPRessions colleagues were doing. I knew I didn’t want to just use Vistaprint or Staples because that’s not personal (in my opinion). My advice is to do a Google search, ask your friends, your peers and your parents then write down a list of what you think you want. Do you want to use your photo? Your special logo? These are all good questions to ask but it helps to write down and map out what you want. NOTE* photo needs to be a professional photo.

Step 2: Design. I used InDesign to create my business cards. I simply clicked the “business card” layout in the menu then made two pages, front and back. I did not map out what I wanted so I had to mess around with it for awhile. I didn’t tend to love any designs that I saw on my Google search so I asked, who is Kelly? What says who I am? First thing that came to mind: my Twitter. Readers, I love my Twitter profile. I found the background photo on Pinterest, it’s NYC Skyscrapers in black, gray and white with pastels… I love it! I also spent forever on my bio and it speaks to who I am so I thought, I’m going to use it. I also used the font that is used on Twitter… it’s an OCD thing. The front of my business card is very plain, as it is gray with a white stripe and my name, email, phone, twitter, LinkedIn, and a few positions.

business cards2

back of my business cards

Step 3: Printing. All that needs to be done here is more research. See where the best printing prices are and the amount you are allowed to print. Remember 500 business cards is A LOT. Try for 100 or less. Maybe 50 if you’re an underclassmen. With Vistaprint, you end up printing around 200-500 business cards, which is way too many. If you have positions on your business cards do not do this because in college your business cards will change at least once a year. Also please do not spend ridiculous amounts on printing, it’s not worth it. A business card can speak to who you are as a person but it’s not worth your minimum wage college job’s paycheck.

Overall business cards are what you want them to be. They can be super simple or extremely creative but it depends on what you want to do and who you want to impress with your amazing business cards. If you’re more corporate, think business. If you’re more agency, fashion, graphics, think fun!

I hope this helps you all in creating your perfect business cards! Part 4 of the final “What’s YOUR Brand?” series will be coming up soon and you won’t want to miss out! Any questions, comments, concerns? Comment below or follow me on Twitter and message me!

I am writing this in my media ethics class right now, while still adding to the discussion #multitaskingatitsfinest.


What’s YOUR Brand Part 2: The Resume

reusme swag

photo credit: Google

Remember the post on how to determine what your brand is? Well if you do, great! If you haven’t read it click here! In regards to part 1, once you get past determining what your brand is you have to execute it. Social media was the first step of execution and now you are on to the resume. My first resume was plain, simple and now that I look back, just really bad. If you do not know how to use InDesign, that’s OK. Trust me. If you are a freshman or a sophomore and are still using Word or Powerpoint, do not fret because you may have not had the experience to work with design programs. My resume is in InDesign and I would make one in Word but once you make the switch, you’re not likely to go back. True fact.

I thought about making this a resume “how to” but to be honest, there is no correct way to do a resume. There are things not to do but it’s very either you did it as correctly as you can. I’ve learned the hard way with terrible resumes but I’m here to let you in on some tips.

Tip 1: Unless you have design skills, please refrain from any uses of color. I use black, gray and purple in my resume. I also made it on InDesign and know how to use Illustrator and Photoshop as well, so it fits my skill set. Some employers hate color but if you are applying to more creative agencies or firms, feel free to use your design skills. It’ll make your resume stand out from the rest. If you want to use InDesign but have no idea how to, ask a friend or take a class. I’m currently taking a graphics class now and it is extremely helpful because I had no clue what these programs really had to offer. One last thing: if you do choose to have color, make sure you have a regular old black and white resume on hand for more conservative companies.

Tip 2: Use numbers. I recently started to do this with my newest resume and it already sounds better. “Used promotion strategies to account for a 35% increase in sales for the month of January.” This sentence is under my job as being a Marketing Representative for Insomnia Cookies. A simple promotions job, which could simply be described as “hand out flyers and free cookies,” turned into quantifiable results. When you use numbers it looks much better than I did this and that. You understood the job/task at hand and did well. You were able to pat yourself on the back for your hard work and great results.

Tip 3: Tailoring. If you’re applying to jobs/internships ranging in different fields and expectations, don’t send them all the same resume. Tailor your resume to the specific application and job requirements. If you’re a sophomore or freshman this is a little harder to do because you don’t have as much experience to tailor but for juniors, seniors and everyone else, read the job description. For instance, I’m applying for internships in fashion PR this summer and I’ll be going through each section and each job to tailor it to what they are looking for. I have a virtual internship right now working with clients who are in the fashion and beauty sectors but it’s only one out of 3-4.

Tip 4: Be different. Figuring out the layout for your resume is difficult but just remember to not to the basic cookie-cutter resume. I hate plain resumes. If you use a Microsoft Word template just walk away from the computer right now and go apply to your local fast food restaurant. Harsh, but it won’t get you a job. I am not saying to make your resume like Elle Woods, where it was pink and smelled nice. That will not get you a job either. But make it your own. What’s YOUR brand? Who is _______? Having a resume that is different from the pack will make you stand out and if it matches the rest of your brand, it looks really nice.

There are so many more tips and tricks I could divulge to you all but this post is getting a little long. My advice is to also make mistakes when it comes to your resume. No resume is perfect but if you make mistakes, you learn. Trust me, my old resume’s are in the trash and that’s where they belong. There are also plenty “how to” resume blogs on the web. Are they all right? No. However, no one is right when it comes to resumes. You can be wrong but if an employer doesn’t like your resume, it happens. Someone out there will and you’ll hopefully be a great candidate and have landed your dream job. Just remember to save all of your sparkle and shine for the interview because glitter and a resume don’t mix.

Best of luck with your brands readers, mine has taken me three years and it’s still not exactly what I want but I’m trying. That’s all we can ever do in this world: try our best and hope for the best.


P.S. I’ll be doing a Part 3 and 4 in the future. Stay tuned!

photo credit: google

photo credit: Google


Why a Virtual Internship, Why not?

photoI was recently approached with an internship offer this fall, the quirk? It’s virtual. Today I was officially offered the position and I accepted. My roommate made the joke saying she’s not surprised… personally I am. I, like many Scripps students I know, work very hard but sometimes things just don’t end up happening. The one thing that I believe set me a part from other candidates? Passion. Virtual internships are wherever you are and if you aren’t passionate about it, do not expect to be able to work from home. The question is, why did I accept? I am taking 19 credit hours, am a brand ambassador for two companies and do PR for a non-profit. Why in the world would I want another job on my agenda? Because it’s an opportunity I cannot afford to miss. The agency is based in NYC and has clients all around the country. They worked at New York Fashion Week and have many clients in the fashion and beauty industry. That is my dream so I am going to do whatever it takes to get there. Even if it means constant coffee refills and catching up on sleep on the weekends.

Why should you apply to virtual internships? Why not? You get to work at home and usually at your own pace. Yes, these positions are usually not paid but welcome to the world of internships, where paid internships are like pulitzer prizes and only a few people get them. The best of the best applicants are offered paid internships and they usually have passion for what they do. Who knows? Maybe this virtual internship could lead to a summer internship wherever it’s based out of. Maybe even paid if you did an amazing job. My advice to you readers who are fretting about not having as many internships as you should is apply to virtual internships. It can’t hurt right? If you want to stand out from the post-grad cesspool of applicants, you’ll need experience. What better way than working for a great company from your room?

All in all just think about it. The most life changing opportunities are usually the ones we miss out on and regret later. And if you have a dream to be working in NYC after college, virtual internships may be your best bet. PR especially is all about who you know, not just what you know so freshen up your resume and apply.

Here’s a fun article I saw today “The 100 Things Every 20-Something Needs to Realize.”



Twitter Tweet Crimes… Just please don’t do it!


My original idea for this post was social media pet peeves but let’s face it, people will always complain on Facebook. It’s human nature now and it can’t be stopped because that’d be breaking our first amendment rights (#CommunicationLaw #Ethics). So instead of social media pet peeves, I will express what I consider Twitter Tweet Crimes:

1. The Sad Romantic. This person always tweets country music lyrics, sad tweets, I miss you tweets and sudden romantic empowerment tweets “The right person will come one day, just like snow white’s prince #newme.” My best advice: if they are your best friend, advise them not to be this person. Otherwise, unfollow them. #sorrynotsorrythere

2. The Alcoholic: This person constantly tweets about going out, pictures of them at the bar with friends, drinking, dancing on tables, drunk tweets that don’t make sense, etc. This type is widespread throughout college twitter accounts after a peer’s numerous attempt to try to change that with “you won’t get a job with that account” threats. This is true in my opinion and no your account is not totally private. So don’t even try that one. My advice: Just unfollow them. If it’s you committing this Twitter Tweet crime then please think about your future #thinkbeforeyouact.

3. The Retweeter: Do you have your own thoughts? is my only question. My advice: Stop retweeting everything and if it’s someone else unfollow them, or you’ll see all of your tweets on their feed. #morelikerepeater

4. The Complainer: Remember my post about how Blogs aren’t just for complainers? Yes well please rewind, reread and think about that when writing your next tweet. This person will complain about every aspect of their day, especially if they’re busy. Note* not all busy people who say they’re busy on twitter are complaining, but it comes off that way. My advice: Unfollow. If it’s you please remember social media is not your best friend, your mother or your personal diary. Only followers suffer. #StayPositive

I’m sorry if any of these sounded snarky or brash, but I thought I would add a little humor into this post. I have followed, unfollowed and seen all of these types of Twitter Tweet crimes. I have been guilty of one, the complainer about being busy but I didn’t mean to. However, lesson learned. My new hashtag: #StayConfidentStayPositive. Overall, don’t tweet about drinking, doing drugs, your romantic life unless it’s like the Notebook, everyone else’s tweets and how awful your life apparently is. Some people are having terrible days but then you shouldn’t be on twitter about it, that’s what Facebook it for!

I really do think 12 a.m. is my new blog post time. I also have a high heel shoe ceramic figurine on my desk. I painted it when I was 10 and have kept it ever since as inspiration. I have high heels that are too tall to walk in but my hopes in life are much higher than that.

I’ll blog soon!