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Making the Most Out of Content Discovery

Making the Most Out of… Part 2

I almost didn’t write this tonight, but I told myself when I wrote my last post that I needed to finish my new series this week (to keep it relevant). However, I knew I could write this post if I wrote about my new favorite platform to use, content discovery. I am a bit biased since I work for a content discovery platform, but I truly believe that it’ll soon be an integral part of all strategic communication.


Why would I use a content discovery platform?

Why wouldn’t you use a content discovery platform? If you use Facebook or Twitter ads, or even a display network, content discovery is the new(er) kid on the block making waves in post-click engagement and a better correlation between marketing efforts and ROI. The great thing about content discovery is that it’s not necessarily an ad or product page, it’s content – and sometimes really great content you didn’t know you needed.


  1. You really need some great content. While not-so-great content will get you clicks,  having great content will definitely help in terms of high CTRs and low CPCs. (CTR = click through rate, CPC = cost per click).
  2. Lower CPCs gradually over time. The one thing I’ve learned in these past 6 or so months is starting at a higher CPC and gradually lowering over time to ensure a campaign’s longevity resulting in consistent or higher CTRs over the same amount of time.
  3. Don’t just sit there, make optimizations. Content discovery platforms usually allow for UTM source pass-back and conversions. Use these tools to your advantage and don’t always let your campaigns just run. If you want to track blog sign ups, ask about conversion pixels or ask to block certain source ID’s you are seeing a low performance from in Google Analytics. By making smart optimizations you are making room for a great campaign with a much better ROI than a regular display network.

I could talk about tips all day for running successful content discovery campaigns, but these three things are very important. While sometimes campaigns will just falter, if you implement these practices more times than not, you’ll see why content discovery is a better platform to invest in.

Is that it?

No, like I said those three tips are very important, however a lot of successful content discovery campaigns are made by testing things out. There’s no one-size fits all to the perfect campaign, but if you think of it like Cinderella you’ll find that someday the strategy will fit just right.


This post was short and sweet but if you have any questions about making the most out of a content discovery platform, just ask, I’m happy to help.

x Kelly

P.S. Did you watch the U.S. Open tonight? That third set was insane! #SerenavsVenus


Social Media can be your Friend

social media

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Hi Readers. Last week was insane… I could not keep up, but this week is starting to be insane too. So while I hope you all had a better weekend than I did, I decided to write a post about how social media can really be your friend. I have friends who believe in the public and private Twitter account, the using your middle name on Facebook and that they really should just delete their social media accounts all together. I understand you find that is a great solution, however, why hide yourself? If you hide yourself, you show employers you have something to hide. Here’s how social media can be your friend:

Networking is now done on social media. Follow your favorite brands and companies on Twitter, make connections on LinkedIn. Twitter and LinkedIn are the new networking mixers. It’s the only way people actually have time to network besides conferences, and really ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’

Facebook is to post Buzzfeed articles. You can be your non-professional self on Facebook. It’s dying! All employers will check for is whether you are doing something illegal or drinking. So just don’t post on Facebook while drunk. You don’t need to use your middle name instead of your last, Facebook is for you to post Buzzfeed articles. Just please don’t rant about relationships, it’s very annoying.

It’s the best way to show your personality. A resume or cover letter doesn’t say who you are as a person. Your Twitter does and if you do it right, they’ll see you are someone they want to work with. Twitter is one of the best ways to share your personal brand, because you can connect with so many people you would’ve never met before. It’s just a follow button away #TwitterisYOURfriend

If you do it right, there’s no need to delete. If your Twitter or Facebook account was extremely inappropriate, it’s okay to delete it. However, if you turn it around and change what you’re tweeting, there’s no need to delete it. You’d be starting from scratch and that’s an extra hassle. And if you don’t think Twitter is important, I hope you won’t be working in communications or marketing.

Public vs. Private. Having a private and public Twitter is stupid. I’m not sorry about it. Why can’t you showcase your professional and personal life? You aren’t a robot. You have feelings and a life, it’s okay to admit it. Also, having two Twitter accounts means wasting even more time browsing social media when you have a paper due the next morning.

I don’t mean to be critical about all of this, but social media can be a huge asset to your professional career. It’s not something to be afraid of if you understand it and use it correctly. Just remember no ranting, no passive aggressiveness, no drunk posts and absolutely no inappropriate content. If you’re upset, call your mother. She probably misses you anyways. 🙂

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

True Confessions: Addictions of a PR Girl

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

These are the true confessions of a PR girl facing addiction problems… in reality these are addictions many people have but for the purpose of this article I’m sharing mine. Now working in public relations or studying public relations is very stressful and we tend to create habits that may or may not become a problem. Don’t believe me? Well maybe reading my addictions will help you see that you may have a problem. Don’t worry though! There are many others in the same boat.

1. Diet Coke. I started this habit in Ireland when every morning I would go to the little connivence mart outside my apartment and order a fresh croissant and a diet coke. I actually started a trend among other interns but the truth is: diet coke tastes great in the morning! I think it’s the bubbles. It also has caffeine so instead of waiting for your Keurig to make your carmel latte, you just grab a diet coke. That was easy.

2. Coffee. Diet coke isn’t that strong and at 3 p.m. coffee just gives you the added push for the rest of your day. I’ll drink one at 8 a.m., maybe one at 5 p.m. or even 8:30 p.m. and if I’m going to be up really late I make the 11:00 p.m. coffee cup. This is an addiction many people have but when you get coffee just because you feel like it, not because you need it, Houston we may have a problem. I try to limit this one but tonight I couldn’t help myself, oh well.

3. Twitter. Facebook is so high school, it’s all about Twitter and checking your Twitter constantly. I can’t go one hour without checking my Twitter feed. When there are times where no phones or electronics are allowed, other than an airplane, I start to go through withdrawal. Is it a problem? Yes. But at least I’m not alone and have many others all around me with this problem… I’m looking at all of you Scripps kids. But hey, public relations people are paid to go on Twitter so it’s a healthy and lucrative addiction.

4. Gmail. I check my email more than my Twitter. I am one of those weird people who love to get emails. I don’t care if it’s not relevant but I organize it with labels and folders, making it 10 times more fun. I can also check out my Google Calendar, which is crucial for time management purposes. Do I feel bad constantly checking my email? Well if I’m not on vacation, out with friends, celebrating a holiday or with family, no not really.

There are many other things I could say I’m addicted to like Pinterest, reading blogs, my iPod (never go anywhere without it) and my bed but these were my top 4. If the world ended tomorrow, I feel like me and many other public relations people would be a little lost as we go through withdrawal. But at least I admit I have a problem. These are my true confessions of a PR Girl addicted to beverages and the internet. That basically sums it all up. What are your addictions?


Feathers, Fringes and Sparkles! OH MY!

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

Last night I partook in one of TV’s most watched nights: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It was sparkly, it was sexy, it was a night to remember. As a PR-girl, I could only imagine what goes into the magic for that one night. Design concepts, performers, the models, the clothes, lighting, promotion, TV ads, the behind the scenes… the list just goes on and on! While some viewers watching instantly feel bad about themselves, I am in awe at how amazing it is. Think of it this way, it takes an entire year to prepare for this show. They not only have the show but the holiday commercials, the hiring of famous performers, etc. and while you sit there eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s remember that someone’s blood, sweat and tears went into the creation of all of it. I am sure it is a large team but I can only commend them for their work.

That brings me to my next note… does Victoria’s Secret offer internships? I would happily work for the brand. Their branding techniques are spot on and immaculate at that. If I was to work in corporate public relations, Victoria’s Secret would be #1 on my list. Just looking at the show last night, I can only imagine what goes into the design concepts. Which I might add where fabulous last night! A) I loved the Brit theme and the romanticism in the shipwrecked theme. The Victoria’s Secret fashion show always have to have a little naughty, a little nice, a little playful and a whole lot of sexy. It’s a smart branding technique.

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

One thing I really loved last night was the runway. It was glitter. I love glitter! I also liked their short bit on social media before the Pink section. I liked how the Angels themselves reminded viewers that you can mess up with the push of a button. I have tried to warn many friends but it was amazing how they talked about social media and smart social media. Overall the show was fantastic and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for next year!

I have my last final on Friday and writing this was a nice needed break!

Until next time readers!


Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google


What’s YOUR Brand? Part 4

The last part of my What’s YOUR Brand series and probably the most important part there is. I wanted to end this series by making you think really long and hard…. well not really. This part is about motivation, ambition and your dreams. Part of figuring out who you are is by looking at what you want, what you like and what you expect from yourself. You can’t know what YOUR brand is until you know yourself. If you’re stuck then you just have to wait and figure it out. Usually people don’t know who they are until college and then some people still don’t know. If you’re stuck look at my last few posts of this series and that may help but all in all here’s what the most important part of the series is….

“Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.”
-B. R. Ambedkar

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Now that you have all of your materials of your brand, all that is left to continue to follow it. You are YOUR own brand. You’re not Sarah or Mike’s brand, you are YOUR brand. I’ve said this countless times but if you need to write it, type it, sketch it, paint it, do it! You have to remember that in this media-reliant world, you aren’t alone. If you think posting that picture of you bonging a beer on Twitter or Facebook for the world to see is a good idea, then I hope you like that being a part of your brand. You should always be yourself but what price would you pay if you weren’t acting as the best version of yourself? You could lose an internship opportunity, a job offer, the respect from your grandmother even (yes some grandmas do use social media). What I want you do to is really express YOUR brand in every aspect of your life. You don’t always have to be on your best behavior, but realize all choices have consequences in some way.

If your thinking about the future and what your dream is, think about who you are and what YOUR brand is. It’ll help you figure out what you want to do later in life. Once you figure that out, motivate yourself. Don’t just sit there and wait for things to happen because remember Newton’s laws? A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest. It can be hard to get up and get going sometimes but it really just takes dedication and passion. Many people forget that if your not passionate about something, you really have nothing. I and many of my colleagues would not have accomplished as much as we have if we weren’t passionate. So I want you to do this to end the series:

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

  1. Get up.
  2. Get out.
  3. Get going.
  4. Follow your dreams.
  5. Always stay passionate.
  6. Always stay positive.

Remember these things readers and YOUR brand will be clear, concise and all YOU.



It’s official once the Associated Press tweets the Government has officially shutdown. Twitter will be a major catalyst within the next few hours as people will be tweeting all night and news organizations will be seeing who can get the better story out first. I did see the New York Times article first, however, you can’t be the Associated Press. Did you readers notice how Facebook lagged posts about it all? Also on Twitter someone tweeted John Boehner’s phone number… I wonder if it works?

While some people will stay in the dark about the subject, like my roommate who didn’t know what a shutdown was, but maybe all of the commotion on social media will finally cause decisions to be made. Unfortunately, people will be affected and offices shut down. All we can do? Tweet, Facebook, Google +, Pin, etc. If our government officials can’t learn to play nice, they should be put in time out with the rest of the four year olds. I’m not saying boast your opinion… if you’re a journalist that’s an automatic DO NOT DO. I’m saying, tweet the hashtag #governmentshutdown and see yourself how a decision like this reaches millions just by clicking a button.

Goodnight readers.


Twitter Tweet Crimes… Just please don’t do it!


My original idea for this post was social media pet peeves but let’s face it, people will always complain on Facebook. It’s human nature now and it can’t be stopped because that’d be breaking our first amendment rights (#CommunicationLaw #Ethics). So instead of social media pet peeves, I will express what I consider Twitter Tweet Crimes:

1. The Sad Romantic. This person always tweets country music lyrics, sad tweets, I miss you tweets and sudden romantic empowerment tweets “The right person will come one day, just like snow white’s prince #newme.” My best advice: if they are your best friend, advise them not to be this person. Otherwise, unfollow them. #sorrynotsorrythere

2. The Alcoholic: This person constantly tweets about going out, pictures of them at the bar with friends, drinking, dancing on tables, drunk tweets that don’t make sense, etc. This type is widespread throughout college twitter accounts after a peer’s numerous attempt to try to change that with “you won’t get a job with that account” threats. This is true in my opinion and no your account is not totally private. So don’t even try that one. My advice: Just unfollow them. If it’s you committing this Twitter Tweet crime then please think about your future #thinkbeforeyouact.

3. The Retweeter: Do you have your own thoughts? is my only question. My advice: Stop retweeting everything and if it’s someone else unfollow them, or you’ll see all of your tweets on their feed. #morelikerepeater

4. The Complainer: Remember my post about how Blogs aren’t just for complainers? Yes well please rewind, reread and think about that when writing your next tweet. This person will complain about every aspect of their day, especially if they’re busy. Note* not all busy people who say they’re busy on twitter are complaining, but it comes off that way. My advice: Unfollow. If it’s you please remember social media is not your best friend, your mother or your personal diary. Only followers suffer. #StayPositive

I’m sorry if any of these sounded snarky or brash, but I thought I would add a little humor into this post. I have followed, unfollowed and seen all of these types of Twitter Tweet crimes. I have been guilty of one, the complainer about being busy but I didn’t mean to. However, lesson learned. My new hashtag: #StayConfidentStayPositive. Overall, don’t tweet about drinking, doing drugs, your romantic life unless it’s like the Notebook, everyone else’s tweets and how awful your life apparently is. Some people are having terrible days but then you shouldn’t be on twitter about it, that’s what Facebook it for!

I really do think 12 a.m. is my new blog post time. I also have a high heel shoe ceramic figurine on my desk. I painted it when I was 10 and have kept it ever since as inspiration. I have high heels that are too tall to walk in but my hopes in life are much higher than that.

I’ll blog soon!