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A Dark Day in Democracy

I’m not one to write about politics. I find that I never have the right words, the right facts or the right way of framing things. However, on this day I could only write what I was truly feeling. 11/9/16 is a dark day in democracy for the United States. It is a day that will shake half of this country to its core, in fear of the future.

I wish I could put the blame on those who voted 3rd party or didn’t vote at all, but I can’t. They made their choice and so did everyone else. What’s done is done, and today is one that we should take to mourn. Mourn the loss of of our innocence, the loss of ignorance, the the loss of what could’ve been a historical moment for women, and the loss of the future many of us had planned. We must mourn these losses in order to move forward.

Maya Angelou once said,

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Today we will never forget the fear that struck our hearts when the ballots rolled in. We will never forget the anger and hatred we felt when we had lost. We will never forget the sadness of a candidate giving their concession speech, and President Obama standing there during his remarks acting like it’ll all be okay but knowing that he will be leaving office on January 20th… leaving a legacy behind we won’t forget during this lifetime.

So today I say mourn the loss, take the time to process what just happened. Then tomorrow, let these feelings fuel you to finally speak up and do your civic duty. We’ve lost the innocence and ignorance we gained from the last couple years, we lost the ability to just rely on our votes and those we elected into office. It’s time we get involved so we can protect what America has accomplished, and those in our communities who are fearful of what’s next.

It’s time to do what Ghandi once said –

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

It’s time to stand together and fight for what America can be. The Legislative and Executive branches may have the right to enact laws, but we have our rights as well. We have the right to speak, to assemble, to petition and to practice our beliefs. Whether we all agree on the issues at hand or not is no matter now, now is the time to stand up for each other and make sure the next four years enact the positive and hopeful change we’ve been asking for.

So take today to mourn the loss and the past, then tomorrow the real work begins.

Almost a Senior… DUN DUN DUN…

NYC taxi

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It’s official readers… after this semester I will have enough credit hours to be considered a senior. Someone grab me a paper bag now as I hyperventilate. Just kidding! Seriously, I was one of those people who planned to graduate early and I always get the answer “DON’T DO IT!” Too late guys. I worked my butt off with taking 19 credit hours per semester for the past two years to do this and it’s great that you don’t mind sticking around for another semester but I thought of something that would be pretty cool to do during that time: Intern.

I have not yet had the chance to intern in NYC yet. I know right? The girl’s who blog has the words “High Heels” in it hasn’t interned in NYC? Well I went to Ireland instead. Looking at my college checklist, yes I made one freshman year (with a timeline!). My plans were to:

  • Get insanely involved freshman year. Check!
    • Joined a sorority and campus organizations related to my major.
  • Summer of sophomore year I planned to work. Check!
    • Worst job in the entire world… I found out I hated sales.
  • Sophomore year I was going to take tons of credit hours and become a leader in campus organizations. Check!
    •  Was made an Account Executive at ImPRessions and became Alumnae Relations Chair of my sorority.
  • Summer of sophomore year I was going to go to Vietnam with the GLC then intern abroad. Check!
    • I went to Vietnam for two weeks, spent a week back home in Chicago, then went to Ireland and interned for 8 weeks in Irish parliament.
  • Junior year I plan to make Dean’s list, continue leadership positions on campus, have a virtual internship during the semesters, be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, continue working for Insomnia Cookies as a Marketing Representative, learn how to cook a decent meal, and have fun!
    • Dean’s list: N/A
    • Continue leadership positions on campus: Check!
    • Have a virtual internship during the semesters: half Check!
    • Be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador: Check!
    • Continue working for Insomnia Cookies: Check!
    • Learn how to cook a decent meal: N/A (depends by opinion)
    • Have fun: N/A (how do I measure this?)

So what do I have planned for the next year or so? I have an idea. It’s not concrete but I can say I have achieved so much within 3 years of being here at OU. I’ve gained and lost relationships. Found out what I want to do with my life, somewhat. I lived in a foreign country and worked in parliament, who does that?! How was all of this conceivable? Hard work, luck, persistence, passion, confidence, ability to somewhat stay calm and an amazing support system. I do have plans to intern in NYC either this summer or after I’m done early but who knows what will happen next? I’m not thinking about it!

“The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.” -Christian Louboutin


P.S. To my family, friends and readers thank you! I couldn’t have achieved this much without all of your support. Mountains have been moved and I don’t know anyone else who has experienced what I have. I am truly thankful.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest


Good Press/Bad Press is there really such a thing?

photo 4“Never worry about bad press: All that matters is if they spell your name right.” -Kate Hudson

This summer when I was working in parliament, the deputy I was working for received some bad press. It wasn’t the truth. While the newspaper apologized and fixed it, my boss said this: “if they are saying something bad about you, you know you’re doing something right.”

Good press/bad press, is there really such a thing? I’m serious. I’m going to be flat out honest and say I truly don’t know. I just started a media ethics class this semester so I have no idea. I thought I did but after my second class I wasn’t so sure.

People normally perceive the media as dishonest, their version of the truth, etc. I can tell you right now that isn’t always the truth. Did you know the New York Times has an ethics code over 140 pages long? Yes, most ethics codes are not even near that. However, it doesn’t mean the media is a cesspool of sleazy journalists. We went to college people! We studied the art of journalism for four years! Was it easy? No. I am a junior and I went to bed at 2 a.m. last night because I had class until 9 p.m. It was also the second day of class.

Ok, paparazzi are one spectrum. They follow important public figures around and try to find dirt because it sells. Be honest, most Americans love a scandal. It’s what some people thrive on. Sad? Yes, but you can’t change people.

If you look back at the 20s and 30s, that was sleazy journalism. Remember yellow journalism? Journalists today are much, much more ethical than they were back then. Are we saints? No. Do I have a conscience? Yes. The point of all this is, publicity can be good or bad. I do agree with my boss in the way that even though you are doing something right as a public figure, the press will still find something. Not all journalists are sleazy. It’s not the only field with sleaze-balls in it…. Wall Street, lawyers…. there are sleazy people everywhere and in every profession. Your job as a reader? Determine who is who, once you do that correctly you’ll see the beauty that is journalism.

These flats are ruining my feet because I am tripping every five seconds. I swear the bricks on college green move! However, I am not walking around a cobblestone campus in heels… that would hurt more.